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Survival By The Numbers . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I survived another round of kick-off meetings with no hide torn from my back and my job in tact. I suppose that’s the best case scenario for these type of things . . . Anyway, by the numbers, the week broke down like this:

9 cups of coffee

8 Meals brought into the large meeting area so you couldn’t leave
7 Embarrassingly loud laughs from myself which were highly disproportionate to the joke in question
6 Useful sessions (14 total)
$5(0) dollar bill given to me for my 3-year company anniversary

4 sexual daydreams

3 Public comments during meetings
2 Lame nightly activities following the all-day meetings
1 Poorly drawn picture of a goat smoking a cigarette with a penis for an ear on my note taking paper

I'm just thankful it's over for another six months.



  1. BostonPobble Says:
  2. I'll be the first to ask, as I'm not proud: WTF is up with the goat doodle?

    Glad you survived.

  3. Boxer Says:
  4. 9 cups of coffee?

    I drink that before I get to work each day.

    Welcome back to real work. I used to hate those meetings when I worked in Corporate World. I was always wondering "while we're here, who's taking care of the customers?" Yeah, I was a management challenge.

  5. Heff Says:
  6. Thank God you survived ! I knew SOMETHING was holding up your "Blog Productivity"

    I gotta go with Boxer. I'm a coffee whore myself.

    Regarding the "goat smoking a cigarette with a penis for an ear"

    Dude, that's just fuct-up. You should scan and post that !

  7. Bostonpobble - Thanks on the survival front. OK. As for the drawing, I believe the thought process went something like this: was thinking about quoting from "Superbad" on Quick Hit Friday this week, then realized I'd already done that and it was about the character who got in trouble for drawing penis's (sp?), so I'm doodling and that challenge takes hold and then I decided that there was no sense in having a poorly drawn penis in the corner of my paper lest somebody see that and so the goat was attached. Whew. I believe that was a run-on sentence.

    Boxer - I know, it's pretty weak, eh? I love coffee, but only drink about 2 - 3 cups a day (in the a.m.). You have me beat hands-down. And yes, you make an excellent point regarding the customers because I have a sneaking suspicion they were falling by the wayside (sp?).

    Heff - I just got out, and am so far behind on everything it's hard to know where to start. I didn't think I would post again until QHF, and I don't even have stuff collected for that, and shit, now I need to go do that so I can get some actual work done. And it seems I'm the only person who can't drink more coffee than my meager 3 cups a day. Weak. Ha. If I have time & can find a scanner, then I'll try.

  8. Linda Says:
  9. Your doodle report made me think of the final credits of Superbad. Would it have made the cut?

  10. JLee Says:
  11. You find some fun and creative ways to entertain yourself, and I like the Superbad Doodle. Good call. (as long as your boss doesn't spot it in your notes..ha)
    That pic has got me sweatin' a little bit! lol

  12. Linda - No way - those were pretty impressive illustrations, and I can't draw worth a damn. Ha.

    Jlee - The goat pic? Ha. Actually, I thought about scanning it in to post, but I only have the scanner at work and don't want to explain that to anyone. I should probably rip up the evidence right now . . .

  13. But that was only one daytime sexual fantasy. Didn't you say four?
    Glad you survived anyway. I agree with your assessment of why they serve you lunch at your conference table. Underhanded bastards.

  14. Only 4 sexual daydreams?!?! Hahahahaha

  15. Romany Angel Says:
  16. I believe JLee may have meant the 4 sexual daydreams pic but I may be wrong. I'm perspiring profusely as a result and now I know why my favourite number is 4 :) And yes B, I'm with Get off my lawn, where are the other 3 pics? I'm obsessing now aren't I?

    You only had 9 cups of coffee over the whole conference? I would have had an IV drip of the stuff to keep me awake and I don't even drink coffee. What a guy!

    I'm glad you're back and I'm looking forward to QHF.

  17. Getoffmylawn - Underhanded bastards indeed. You know the drill, eh? The first day it's kind of a novelty, but by the second, I just want to flee. Ha. As for the other three, I just couldn't find the right pictures, and I had to save others for Quick Hit Friday. Quite a dilema . . .

    TrinabeingTrina - I know. It was a meager amount. I should have drinken more coffee to keep the brain alert to them. Ha.

    Romany Angel - I'm sure Jlee was referring to the posted pic versus the goat - at least I hope so. Ha. I was just giving her grief. And I couldn't find some of the other three shots and one or two probably shouldn't be posted anyway even if they could be located. Ha. Finally, thanks on being back & I'm working on QHF as I'm beind on EVERYTHING.


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