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Sunday Shopping Blues . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Monday, April 21, 2008

Sundays usually depress me, and yet I masochistically chose to make yesterday worse by going shopping.

I knew this was a mistake from the beginning, however, it was a necessary evil as I had put off buying things to "warm up" my loft for awhile. Later this year I plan to put it up for sale despite a climate that is far from booming.

Austin has done better than most markets, a fact that gives me some hope, but then again, I'm in no real hurry to move which makes everything less stressful - except the shopping.

To successfully navigate this arena, I must have a solid plan to adhere to or the effort is doomed. I do not window-shop, dilly-dally, loiter, browse or jack around with shopping. When push comes to shove, I am filled with a single-minded purpose akin to Lindsay Lohan spotting a vodka bottle across a crowded nightclub.

I will not be denied.

To that end, I needed to purchase a rug with "warm" colors, throw pillows, a vase and things to make the loft smell like a pack of rose-petaled virgins live there. I gave myself two hours to accomplish this task.

I decided that I could find what I needed within 3 different stores. These establishments formed a rough triangle from each other, and I devised an intricate route to maximize the distance covered while minimizing the time spent driving. The thing that I should have accounted for was the plethora of salespeople who hounded me at every turn.

While looking at candles in one store, I was stalked by this one employee and repeatedly asked "Do you have any question?"

About candles? No, I generally think I grasp the concept of burning something to emit a particular odor by now.

I did have a question which I failed to ask, which was: "Who the hell invented the $30 throw pillow?"

If anyone has the answer to that mystery, I'd love to know so I could find the bastard and throw him through a plate-glass window.

But my plan worked and I found everything I needed in 1 hr. 45 minutes. It took another half-hour to put it all down, but it's here now:

In celebration, I rarely left the couch for the rest of the day as I had a stack of magazines to read, Dos Equis to drink and the NBA play-offs to provide tonic to a challenging day.



  1. Heff Says:
  2. You obviously did NOT take a woman shopping with you, as "window-shopping, dilly-dallying, loitering, browsing, and general jacking around" are their inate trademarks. No offense, ladies.

  3. Miss Ash Says:
  4. Good job!! (Why didn't you get your wife to do the shopping as most ladies I know love to shop?)

    Ummm is that a cow skull with a spotlight on your wall? Not judging, just asking :)

  5. grace Says:
  6. 1hr & 45minutes to get through three stores? That's crazy. I would have gone through half of one store in that much time...

  7. Heff - I take no offense. Ha. Although I do admit to having a little help, but luckily, it did not take me off my aforementioned plan. Small favors.

    Miss Ash - Let's not judge & yes that is a cattle skull that I'm very fond of as it was a gift. It's typically not spot-lighted however as that was just track-lighting which happened to be turned on. My wife did help, but I still like to take the credit. Ha.

    Grace - Exactly. Ha. This is my point as I knew what I wanted & was quick to purchase and then move on down the road. This time it worked, but sometimes, even the best-laid plans go completely sideways.

  8. Love that cattleskull. Thanks to Miss Ash for pointing that out. I would have missed it otherwise. But mostly, I love the Maxell commercial armchair.

    And good work on the shopping for women's things without shopping like a woman. Less than two hours and three stores. Nice work.

  9. JLee Says:
  10. I'm laughing because I'm like a dude when it comes to shopping and usually have things "mapped out" ahead of time. haha
    Looks great, although I say that because I have the exact same chair in my living room (and accompanying couch) You have great taste! lol

  11. WhatIgot - I appreciate it on the cattle skull as I've had it for years. As for the last paragraph - that's exactly what I attempt to do every single time with varying degrees of success. I play the time game with myself for something to keep me interested.

    Jlee - What? You're stealing my look? Dammit. Ha. Anyway, I'm glad to hear about your shopping philosophy as it matches up well with mine. I just wonder if you have the cattle skull as well. If not, you should.

  12. Claire Says:
  13. Nice!

    I'm such a boy shopper, most of the time - in, out, go do something more fun! Except books or CDs or DVDs - with tose I can happily browse for a good few hours :).


  14. nobich Says:
  15. I too hate to shop but love the pillows & I'm sure the place smells peachy!! As for Sundays- they're perfect for stupid movies

  16. Claire - That sounds perfect to me as those three things are also a weakness, but I don't mind spending loads of time indulging in them. This is especially true with books and music.

    Nobich - You're exactly right as the smell I found was Ginger Peach - so peachy it is indeed. And movies are a fine way to spend some time on Sundays as I watched one last night too.

  17. I have a crush on your TV.

  18. fvivj
    However the campaign turned out, the room looks great. Nice place for watching NHL... I mean NBA play-offs. Enjoy!

  19. Anonymous Boxer - I understand. I've been having a passionate affair with it since I got it last year, and so far, it hasn't gone stale. Ha.

    Getoffmylawn - Thanks, and I occasionally catch an NHL game (now that it's on HDTV I can actually follow the puck), but generally it's just the highlights.

  20. Gypsy Says:
  21. I love your shopping tactics. I'm in and out I'd better not say's one of my quaint aussie expressions. Anyway I'm like you, I know what I want, where I'm gonna get it and I DO NOT deviate from the plan. Unless I have my daughters with me who do not have my genes at all and LIVE to shop...then it all goes to hell in a hand basket. I end up coming home with kids size clothes, teen magazines and pretty much nothing I originally went out for. Sigh....

  22. JLee Says:
  23. No cow skull here, but yes, I do have Ginger Peach candles. I think you're stealing MY shit. ha

  24. Gypsy - That sounds like you do the best you can as I have no idea how to handle children when it comes to shopping. I imagine it does go to hell in a handbasket rather quickly in that case, however, I plan to strive against it once it is thrust upon me. I have no real hope of success in this idea. Ha. And please toss out the Aussie expressions as I like all sayings & store them away for future use.

    Jlee - I'm going to file this away for reference by a court of law if the need should ever arise. Ha. But I just have Ginger Peach liquid w/ little sticks coming out of the jar for the smell.

  25. JLee Says:
  26. Mine are actually mango papaya now that I looked. My bad. Wrong fruit. ha

  27. That's a whole different story Jlee. Let's keep the fruit straight as that's an insult to my ginger peach. Ha.


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