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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, April 25, 2008

"Does anybody actually own a white Taurus, or are they all rentals?" - Patrica Arquette, "Flirting with Disaster"

Somehow this week has flown by, and that is fine with me as the weekend is looming and overflowing with possibilities as I already have a concert to attend and a deep-tissue massage scheduled. But before I get started with anything else, let's take a look at the important stories of the week such as:

Sandra Bullock and her husband Jesse James were unhurt after the car they were traveling in was struck by a drunk driver this week.

Police Lt. Jerry Cook said the Hollywood couple were being driven in an when a car driven by Lucille Gatchell crossed the center line and hit them, totaling both vehicles but hurting nobody. Cook also said that Gatchell tested .20 on an alcohol breath test, more than twice the legal limit.

Despite her past difficulties with public transportation in "Speed," it might be safer for Bullock to take the bus in the future.

Three years after tying the knot, Star Jones has decided to end her marriage to banker Al Reynolds.

The 46-year-old TV personality filed divorce papers March 26 in New York Supreme Court in Manhattan. The records are sealed, syndicated entertainment show "Entertainment Tonight" reported Wednesday.

In a statement to "Entertainment Tonight," Jones said: "Several years ago I made an error in judgment by inviting the media into the most intimate area of my life. A month ago I filed for divorce."

I think the media made an even bigger mistake by accepting Star's invitation.

Racy photos of Miley Cyrus - the teen idol better known as "Hannah Montana" - have popped up on the Web -- again.

The batch of pictures, which are allegedly the 15-year-old Cyrus, show her lying on top of an unnamed male in just her bra and underwear as well as another depicting Cyrus pulling down her tank top and showing her green bra.

The unidentified male has been trying to leak his identity as well, but major media outlets have yet to confirm if "Flo Idaho" is his real name.

In other Miley Cyrus news, the pop star/actress plans to write a memoir about her journey to stardom, the Disney Book Group said on Tuesday.

The book, to be published by Disney-Hyperion Books and scheduled to hit bookshelves next spring, will trace her life from her roots in the Southern United States to Hollywood celebrity and will feature photographs from her famous family.

I could care less about a book of knowledge written by any 15-year-old, however, I am vaguely curious to learn how many times the words "I just want to thank my fans" and "awesome" appear in the book.

Transformers actress Megan Fox has been named the world's sexiest woman in an FHM magazine poll as the 22-year-old took the crown from last year's winner Jessica Alba.

"Megan Fox is a very deserving winner of this year's FHM title," Anthony Noguera, FHM's editor-in-chief said. "From out of nowhere, she's captured the hearts - and fantasies - of British men to capture the number one slot. With such incredible competition, and after just one major film role, that is an amazing achievement."

I've got nothing to add on this one because I agree completely with the award, and you'd have to be crazy as a Fox to feel otherwise.

A federal judge has sentenced action star Wesley Snipes to the maximum three-year sentence on tax charges.

Prosecutors had requested three years, one year for each of Snipes' convictions of willfully failing to file a tax return.

In his ruling, the judge also declared the Blade movie series to "be entirely overrated in my opinion."

Former "Baywatch" star David Hasselhoff was taken to the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center on Saturday to have something removed above his eye, his publicist, Judy Katz, told The Associated Press Monday.

"He's fine, he had something removed, he's coming out tonight," Katz said, declining to elaborate on what was removed.

Thousands of Germans are still holding candlelight vigils in case the surgery somehow affects Hasselhoff's vocal cords rendering him unable to tour the country.

Let's not end with mangled body parts, and instead, bookend last week's gold image with another from that same shoot:

I assume this is the front to the previous week's back, which is fine with me as I'm all for completing the arc. So, try to bring things full circle today, close the loop on any lingering mysteries and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. JLee Says:
  2. Was anyone shocked that Star Jones is divorcing? Please...
    The Hoff had "something removed" from his eye? What, his finger? haha

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Heff Says:
  4. I think Snipes was actually punished with 1 year for each movie in the Blade Trilogy, I could be wrong. Deep-Tissue Massage, huh ? The Hell with "Happy Friday".

    Happy Ending, 2Dollar !

  5. Jlee - Nobody is surprised about Star because most people thought her husband might be gay from the start. Who knows? Have a good weekend yourself & avoid any nasty storms.

    Heff - Ha. That could have worked out that way for Snipes, but regardless, I'm still a bit surprised he received that much jail time. As for the massage, you say potato, I say potato . . . you ever heard that expression? I don't think it is supremely applicable here, but that's what I'm sticking with and it will be a much-needed massage any way you look at it.

  6. Star Jones looks weird. That is all.

  7. Gypsy Says:
  8. I liked last weeks shot better - her boobs look way too perky and "solid" to be real. She sure does have a great ass though and I'm assuming it's the real McCoy.

  9. Miss Ash Says:
  10. What concert are you going to?

    As for David, that made me howl!! The part about the Germans, I'm dying over here!!

    Nice photo, have a great weekend!

  11. Not sure I'm convinced that Megan Fox is hotter than Jessica Alba. Just to be sure, I'm going to need both of them to stop by my house for closer inspection. Please see what you can do to arrange that. Thanks.

  12. Wendy Says:
  13. Love the quote at the beginning, as I have been forced to drive one of those rental Tauruses. Every time I got out of it, I felt compelled to yell, "MY MUCH COOLER CAR IS IN THE SHOP!"

  14. WhatIgot - True, but that's always been the case (Especially since she lost all that weight). She's more than a bit obnoxious as well.

    Gypsy - You and me both. I prefer the past image, but these boobs are so alien-looking yet intriguing that I would love to know the true. And validate for myself. Ha.

    Miss Ash - I'm going to Steve Earle (he toured through Canada earlier this year). I'm glad to help out with the Hoff quips as that guy is nearly a walking punchline. Ha. Have a good weekend.

    Native Minnow - That's a fine idea as I'm all for first-hand research, however, IF I had that power I don't think I would use it to pass along to others as I would likely keep it for myself. I'm selfish when it comes to ranking the sexiest women in the world, which is a flaw I have to live with all the time.

    Wendy - I know. Ha. The same thing has happened to me twice on rentals as my own car was being worked on, and I always hope that other people notice the sticker showing that it's just a rental. I doubt it.

  15. vivavavoom Says:
  16. Star Jones made an error in judgment called marrying a gay man. she must have recently gotten the gaydar tuned up.
    snipes in jail---I see a reality show in his future!

    rent Starcrash!!! you will have an even deeper love for the Hoff! it is so bad it is awesome.

    happy weekend

  17. vivavavoom Says:
  18. ps
    we actually do have friends that own a white taurus. now that they stopped making it maybe it will become a collectors the yugo.

  19. Vivavavoom - I know about Star as she just caught up with the rest of the world who assumed Big Al wasn't 100% straight. Ha. Maybe she'll get together with Snipes when gets out of jail, eh? And your friend just shot that Taurus theory all to hell. Regardless, have a great weekend.

  20. I needed a quick hit Friday and of course always interested in what you pick for your last shot... bringing out the "bondage" side this week, eh?

    have a great weekend.

  21. idobcool Says:
  22. My dad actually did own a white Ford Taurus. It kicked ass!

  23. Anonymous Boxer - Thanks & I hope yr. trip/weekend went well too. As for the pic, we all need a little discipline now & again, eh? Maybe not. Ha.

    Idobcool - You just blew that theory all to hell. Ha. I knew that the movies couldn't be trusted to map to real life.

  24. grace Says:
  25. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  26. grace Says:
  27. Another great week in entertainment news. Miley Cyrus just needs to go away. I can't stand that girl, and I don't think anyone needs to be seeing her green bras or geeky looking boyfriends.

  28. Grace - I heard that Miley is worth a billion dollars, which is more than a little scary. And I'm glad someone else thought that guy looked a bit off. Ha.


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