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No Juice Ever Again . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I don't recall where I was for many newsworthy events, but I do remember my circumstances vividly when O.J. Simpson was flying down the freeway in his white Bronco more than a decade ago.

During the chase, I was in high school and watching NBA basketball with a group of people at friend's house. We were drinking illegally and quickly because his parents were gone, and I remember the surreal feeling we all had while shot-gunning Keystone Light tall-boys as Simpson's Bronco sped across the asphalt.

But that was a long time ago. Now, I wish O.J. Simpson would disappear forever into a black hole as he is back in the news due to a robbery in Las Vegas hotel last week.

The Las Vegas Police Department's Captain James Dillon said Simpson had been charged with two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit burglary and burglary with a firearm while trying to reclaim memorabilia that the Juice maintains belongs to him.

The circus has started once again, although this time it is certainly duller, lamer and holds absolutely no interest for me.

Screw O.J. Simpson and everything having to do with that guy. He's not even an entertaining punch line anymore, and I wish he would be placed on an island somewhere far away from the media or anyone else who might talk about him.

I don't want to hear about his books concerning how he might have committed a double murder back in 1994. I don't want to see pictures of him playing golf or signing jerseys at some card show in Des Moines. Life is too short to dedicate any amount of brain space on Simpson these days and forever in the future.

I consider him to be a complete waste of space, which is unfortunate because he was excellent as 'Nordberg' in "The Naked Gun" series - but watching Simpson on DVD is the only place I ever want to see him again.



  1. I spent that night minutes away from Sunset Blvd, OBLIVIOUS to what was happening. I saw the helicopters buzzing, but we went to a play, got back to the Hotel, turned on the TV and collectively said WTF????

  2. you know, as disconnected from reality and as pathetic a figure OJ has become, I dont think I'll ever have any sympathy for him.

  3. Anonymous Boxer - Wow. That's kind of amazing that you were that close to the action, and genuine bizarre circumstances that day. But WTF about summed up our thoughts while watching it too.

    Idig - Agreed. It's hard to have sympathy for him starting around 1994 or so, and that is too bad yet unlikely to change for me as well.

  4. I feel sorry for me for being unable to avoid all this OJ talk. I also feel sorry for my buddy Juice. Just when that nickname was starting to take off.

  5. Miss Ash Says:
  6. You should make a "dead to me" list and throw him on there.

    Along with granny undies and jean shorts for men.

  7. WhatIgot - It's morbidly fascinating, but I finally got fed up that it lost even that for me. But Juice is a pretty good nickname, which makes things even tougher.

    Miss Ash - Ha. I have thought about something like your Dead to Me list for awhile, and those additions you mentioned would definitely make the cut. Nice choices.

  8. JLee Says:
  9. I remember it well too. I think if karma exists, he will die of some flesh eating crotch and/or sphincter disease.

    I like the "dead to me" list! haha

  10. Franki Says:
  11. And here we are, all talking about him again. We are pathetic.

  12. Linda Says:
  13. I'm with ya. The OJ media attention has always mystified me. As far as I can see, he's just an old athlete with a bad temper and no conscience. Hoping his latest antics take him out of the picture.

  14. Jlee - I like that idea too, and it might just pop up soon in series form. Ha. But the crotch/flesh eating thing is evil. Evil.

    Franki - I know, but I'm trying to make this the final time and I have been turning the channel if he comes on the tube. Baby steps.

    Linda - Well said as the athlete/temper/conscience summation seems about right to me. And based on early reports, he might just go to jail this time.

  15. H.Wood Says:
  16. I think he'll get the Al Capone treatment. He'll go to prison, but not for what he SHOULD go away for.

    The leaches that have been friends with and have laundered for him are a different kind of slime.

  17. vivavavoom Says:
  18. karma's a bitch...and soon he may be someone elses in prison.

    close the chapter finally.

  19. H. Wood - Good points, and analogy with Capone as I do think he's going away this time. And of course, Kato Kaelin is now being interviewed again. Pitiful.

    Vivavavoom - Close the chapter, the book and anything else having to do with this guy. I'm done.

  20. cats Says:
  21. my father LOVES the naked gun movies, perhaps more than anyone should love a movie, but as i said to hubby last night... what goes around, comes around.

  22. In the end, it usually does come back to bite you, and I'm not very sorry in this case. But who doesn't love the Naked Gun movies? They are great.

  23. Tiara Girl Says:
  24. Your only hope for a "Juiceless" life is his incarceration, or you'll be hearing about the "mo-fo" for the rest of your life.

  25. I bet that regardless of what happens, I will not be able to miss hearing about O.J. But that doesn't mean that I won't try.


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