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Come Early Morning . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nobody looks their best the first thing in the morning.

Your hair is mussed, the eyes are puffy and let's not even discuss your breath which is only slightly better than the average yard hog after feeding time (though not by much). It's not a pretty picture despite how good you might have looked the night before your head hit the pillow.

I'm not a huge proponent of early morning sex for these reasons as well as the fact that the whole experience is usually lethargic and clumsy because you're still half-asleep.

But even my passing interest in early morning sex was forever altered for me and Stanley after I stumbled across this recent picture of Amy Winehouse after she just woke up:

I guess there's rough and then there's Winehouse rough, which takes things to an entirely different level and gives me the Fear.



  1. kismetic Says:
  2. But wait til you see the latest pic of her Perez posted...

    Morning sex is the best - you're refreshed! And the half-sleepyness makes it seem better than it actually is! And two stinky breaths cancel each other out! Open your mind, BD

  3. H.Wood Says:
  4. In her defense, she is a junkie.

  5. Kismetic - I did see that, and I've seen her missing tooth before (and I almost put it into this post, but I tried to stick to one point. Ha). As for MS, my mind is open and I don't rule it out, however, I prefer the night. Call me crazy.

    H. Wood - Fair point. But I've known and lived with chronic abusers, and Winehouse still looks particularly rough to me, although it could be a very bad angle.

  6. Added to the morning sex negatives, with Amy you may roll on a needle! Yuck, I hate when that happens!

  7. vivavavoom Says:
  8. the story was (as I am sure you saw with the pic) that she was waiting for "the mailman" to deliver a pkg and looking out the window for it. my guess is she is so jonesing that she has no idea what she is doing, let alone how to apply any makeup and hair anymore. poor girl. love her CD!
    in the words of whitney "crack is whack!"

  9. That's not morning look, that's been up for 72 straight hours trying to find a vein look.

    I pose a question, does anybody actually find her music entertaining? Or is she just some junkie everybody likes to make fun of?

  10. Getoffmylawn - That is ALWAYS a negative in my book as well. I'll just take some coffee instead.

    Vivavavoom - I heard that story, but I think your explanation is probably more likely. I just feel bad for that poor mailman as that would be a terrible sight and worse than a rabid dog.

    WhatIgot - She should be able to find a vein as she weighs about 90 lbs. As for your question, it's both as I think she has a good voice and is semi-talented if she can ever kick the smack (although I don't have her album nor have I listened to it except for that song "Rehab." )

  11. JLee Says:
  12. Yeah, I think she pretty much looks bad all the time, but this shot takes the cake! I always thought the favorite part of the day for men to have sex was "whenever I can get it" ha

  13. Miss Ash Says:
  14. I'm with JLee on the "whenever I can get it" part as far as men are concerned, like there is a time a man would say meh not right now.

    As for Winehouse, she looks rather unkempt most of the time.

  15. Jlee - But when you can get it all the time, you have to be choosier. Ha. And yes, Winehouse looks rough a decent portion of the time.

    Miss Ash - See above comment on the timing issue, but Winehouse wears a lot of makeup when she performs/goes out, and while she looks unkempt, I think that's more of style and lifestyle than anything else.

  16. Wendy Says:
  17. It pisses me off when people are gifted with talent and they don't appreciate it. I just don't get the self-loathing. In my business, it seems like some of the worst writers are successful because they love themselves so much. Sorry if that doesn't make sense. Nyquil hangover.

  18. Are you saying these two pictures are one of those "separated at birth" things?

  19. Wendy - I understand your point, over-the-counter hangover or not. I don't get the extreme self-loathing thing either, but a lot of people seem to have it. I personally have no time, and obviously, you need to project the love out there for the book contracts to roll in.

    Anonymous Boxer - Maybe the smell and dishelveled look, but the hog is much, much bigger.

  20. cats Says:
  21. i've never been a morning person... for any reason or any thing.

    and perhaps i'll leave my comment at that.

  22. Cats - A little discretion never hurts. Ha. But I think you can also read between the lines, and all I want in the morning is quiet and coffee.


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