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Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, April 30, 2010

"What are these fuckin' iguanas doing on my coffee table." - Nic Cage, 'Bad Lieutenant 2 - Port of Call New Orleans'

That was one gonzo performance by Cage, and a bizarrely entertaining and quirky movie that I would recommend heartily to anyone - Just don't expect too much and drink a little and it will all make sense.

That's really a philosophy I wish I could carry over to work, but I'm up to my ears in process, products and general chaos right now and I hope to be out the door by 5 p.m. Selah.

Before that can happen, however, let's look at the hard stories of the week such as:

Sandra Bullock told People magazine this week that she has filed for divorce from Jesse James, and also revealed that she and James had adopted a baby boy back in January.

The baby, whose name is Louis Bardo Bullock, was born in New Orleans. Bullock said that she plans to raise the 3 1/2-month old child as a single mother.

As Bullock stated: "Jesse can continue to raise the Nazi flag and I'll raise the child. Everyone wins."

In other baby news, Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana, confirmed that she is pregnant with the couple’s third child.

`Everyone is excited,'' Damon's rep says.

Except for Ben Affleck, who only has two children with Jennifer Garner, and considers this just another case of Damon showing him up.

It’s been hard to keep up the Bret Michaels affair, but in the past five days, he was rushed to the hospital after suffering a brain hemorrhage, underwent tests while remaining in critical but stable condition and found out he had a side effect that could lead to seizures.

His rep says he has not had any seizures.

I generally feel bad for Michaels, and so I’ll refrain from any bandana being too tight cause and effect jokes, and instead, wish him a speedy recovery so he’ll be having Nothing But a Good Time once again.

In worthless Lindsay Lohan news, the troubled starlet feuded with her Dad this week, was accused of throwing a glass at ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson and then caused controversy after posting a picture Wednesday on Twitter which showed her with a gun in her mouth.

The image was taken Tuesday night by photographer Tyler Shields. Shields will feature a few photos of LiLo in his new book, "The Dirty Side of Glamor."

“The Dirty Side of Glamour” will also be the title of the porno film that Lohan will inevitably shoot once her career completely implodes.

In other porn world news, Jenna Jameson and her boyfriend, mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz, traded accusations this week one day after he was arrested for an alleged domestic violence attack against her.

Ortiz was arrested Monday at the home he shares with Jameson and their twin sons. Later that day, Ortiz and his attorney accused Jameson of drug addiction and claimed Ortiz never struck her.

"Jenna has been fighting a battle with OxyContin addiction for the past year. For Tito and her family this has been an uphill battle. Unfortunately this morning she had a relapse," Ortiz attorney Chip Matthews said. "Tito was trying to help her, she has threatened suicide before. Tito has done everything in his power to protect her privacy and the privacy of their children."

Ortiz apparently feels that beating the addiction out of someone is the only reasonable cure for addiction, a treatment he'll be able to discuss with the other abusers in jail.

Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner donated the last $900,000 sought by a conservation group for a land purchase needed to save the famed Hollywood sign from being spoiled by development.

"My childhood dreams and fantasies came from the movies, and the images created in Hollywood had a major influence on my life and Playboy," Hefner said in a statement. "As I've said before, the Hollywood sign is Hollywood's Eiffel Tower and I'm pleased to help preserve such an important cultural landmark."

He later added: "we both share a passion for 'Wood' so I could't let it go without a fight."

Jason Alexander, who played George Costanza in "Seinfeld," hit a teenage bicyclist Tuesday in California, police officials said.

The collision was reported at Wilshire Boulevard and June Street, and the 14-year-old boy was on his way to middle school when he was struck. He was taken to a hospital in stable condition.

Los Angeles police took an accident report and are investigating the incident, but Alexander was not cited.

Just to be safe, however, Alexander has been staying with Jerry's parents in Boca Del Vista until the incident blows over.

As always, let's end with a gold image or two:

I'm not certain of the bondage theme this week, but then again, it might be my feeling of being chained to a desk. Regardless, stay open to new possibilities, don't get yourself tied in knots and . . . Happy Friday!


{Editor's Note: I'll be catching up on everyone's blogs this weekend.}


  1. wigsf Says:
  2. Del Boca Vista. That is all. Happy Friday!

  3. At what point to celebrities stop, take a look around, and think "How did it come to this?"

  4. Miss Ash Says:
  5. Any movie with Nick Cage is a movie I'm not interested in seeing .... other than Leaving Las Vegas .... and some other one about guns which was actually quite good.

    I bought a new TV today, my wallet flew out of my hands a la George and landed on the ground. Thankfully all my shit stayed inside cause it was about as full as Mr. Costanzas.

    First photo is hot hot hot! Happy Friday!

  6. Boxer Says:
  7. it's the last day of the month, so I'm in the shop shipping everythiing that doesn't move,but I'm glad you posted a QHF, I'd be sad without it.

    Native's comment is right on.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. nobich Says:
  9. Happy Friday & don't forget a safety word.....

  10. JLee Says:
  11. lol @ Nobich! It would be funny to have a safe word like "eggplant" or something not at all sexy. ha

    I will have to check out "Bad Lieutenant" just out of curiosity. Cage is hit and miss for me big tim. Happy Friday!

  12. Heff Says:

    I'm pretty sure Jesse probably took a MASSIVE SHIT when Sandra brought that kid home. I digress.

    Re : Damon - I wonder what that kid's "Bourne Identity" will be ?

    Ha ! I was actually gonna go with the horrible bandana joke with Michaels ! The man's BALD, no question. I do wish him a speedy recovery, though. I hope he has "Somethin' To Believe In".

    I can't WAIT for Lindsay's first porn. Hopefully it'll be titled something classy like "Lindsay Slowhand" or something similar.

    I can't help but take Ortiz's side on this Jameson matter. Women are easy to use the "abuse card" if it comes down to it, and the fact that he's a paid ass-kicker just makes that easier for her. The Bitch.

    I'm shocked that Hugh didn't request they change the sign to say "Hef-Wood" !

    Constanza (Jason Alexander) was NOWHERE NEAR THAT KID !!! ("It's not a lie, If you believe it!")

    And in closing, break your work constraints, and have a great weekend, BDS !

  14. JLee Says:
  15. that's "big time" on my comment. ha

    Better late than never Heff!

  16. WIGSF - Dammit, I knew something was off. Thanks for the correction. Happy Friday.

    Native Minnow - That's an excellent question, and for the most part, it never happens. Ha. Rehab or not, it never happens. Happy Friday Minnow.

    Miss Ash - He's good in 'Lieutenant' - kind of a throwback performance. Oh, and 'Adaptation' he was really good in as well. Congrats on the TV as that is very cool, and it's even better that your full wallet was returned to you. I haven't carried one in years. I just take cash and credit cards in my front pocket. Anyway, glad you like the pic & Happy Friday.

    Boxer - It is that time of the month, so good luck getting everything out the door & make sure Coco doesn't get sent by accident. Ha. Happy Friday Boxer.

    Nobich - Always. Ha. And Happy Friday to you.

    Jlee - That's a good point as eggplant would be a perfect word for that one. Perfect. Cage is definitely more miss these past few years, but 'Bad' is a nice throwback and would be a good rental, especially if you're still sick. Happy Frida Jlee.

    Heff - Great to the detail, so I'm lost on the Jesse/big shit thing, ha, like the Bourne pun as I tried to come up with that one & missed entirely, but we're on the same wavelength w/ Michaels & nice song pitch in there too, Lohan is just such a mess that it can't be too far off, I haven't read enough about the Ortiz/Jameson thing to know but I figure the truth is probably somewhere in the middle, you should submit that request for the sign w/ your next subscription payment, always liked that lie line, and I am free from the shackles for now, so Happy Friday Heff.

    Jlee - Thanks for the clarification as accuracy is paramount around here. Ha.

  17. 安琪 Says:
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  19. Ugh..i hate Nicholas Cage...EXCEPT fast times at ridgemont high...where he didnt have any lines. LOL

  20. &#%%# - Thanks for coming by as always.

    Princess Pessimism - He's been in some good ones . . . 'Fast Times,' 'Leaving Las Vegas' 'Adaptation' and even 'The Rock' was kind of a guilty pleasure for me. He's also done a lot of crap recently.


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