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Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, April 09, 2010

"I'm standing where my, uh, living room was and it's not here because my house is gone and it's an Ultimart! You can never go home again, Oatman... but I guess you can shop there." - John Cusack, 'Grosse Pointe Blank'

'Grosse Pointe' was a particularly excellent film, and probably the best project that Cusack has starred in during the last decade. I wouldn't mind going home again, but instead, I'll be trying to cram some fun into this weekend before I leave for California on Monday to start my new gig. The initial training will last a week before I head back to Austin for the duration of my impending tenure.

But until then, let's look at the hard stories of the week such as:

In the latest Sandra Bullock - Jesse James drama, Bullock was dogged by rumors of a sex tape this week. reported that Jesse has more than 12 homemade videos that were made with other women, although it was unclear if they exist or were filmed before, after or during his marriage.

"Most of the tapes feature a mass amount of Nazi paraphernalia," an insider tells "It's all really quite disturbing." "What I saw was a naked woman on her knees and Jesse in a Nazi hat waving his arm in a salute," the insider said. "It looked like the woman's hands were bound."

Bullock released a statement denying that she is a participant is any sex tape: "There is no sex tape. There never has been one and there never will be one."

Bullock continued by saying "the only embarrassing video you'll find me starring in is 'Miss Congeniality 2' for which I apologize to all ticket buyers."

Jon Gosselin sued ex-wife Kate Gosselin for primary custody of their eight children this week. He also asked the court to review his child support obligation.

Gosselin's attorney, Anthony List, has previously accused Kate Gosselin of neglecting the children because she appears on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," a charge her attorney rejected as "patently false."

The impending mediation will go like this: Jon - "Without the kids I'm simply a doughy douchebag. I need them." Kate - "No way. Without the kids I'm just a bitch. They're mine." It's really hard to pick sides in this one, and either way, the kids lose.

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy announced their break-up this week via Twitter.

The two actors each tweeted Tuesday that they have ended their relationship after five years.

Carrey wrote that he wishes her "the very best!" and McCarthy Tweeted that she "will always keep Jim as a leading man in my heart."

It's really too bad because I find them both infinitely more likable together versus separated.

Bruce Springsteen found himself in a divorce drama this week when court papers from a New Jersey housewife and her husband, who named Springsteen as a seducer of his wife.

Ann Kelly, 45, was accused by her husband Arthur Kelly, 46, of sleeping with Springsteen. He claimed in court papers that Springsteen entered her life in 2005 and showered her with concert tickets, serenaded her during rehearsals and confessing she was on his mind while he toured.

Ann Kelly gave herself away when she repeatedly came home late, and when questioned by her husband concerning her whereabouts, told him she was working for The Boss even though she doesn't have a job.

Nicollette Sheridan filed a lawsuit this week against Marc Cherry, creator of 'Desperate Housewives', alleging assault and wrongful termination.

Sheridan says that in September 2008 Cherry "took her aside and forcefully hit her with his hand across her face and head." After she stormed off to her trailer, he came to "beg forgiveness." Sheridan claims she told ABC about the incident, and Cherry proceeded to kill of her show character.

Sheridan is seeking $20 million in damages.

Insert your own 'Desperate' joke here because that's exactly what this lawsuit reeks of . . .

In other court news, Sean Penn threatened to kill a photographer if he ever ran into him again, according to a new lawsuit that was filed by the paparazzo.

Jordan Dawes alleges he was filming a documentary about paparazzi in October in Brentwood, Calif. when Penn suddenly began “kicking and punching” him, reported.

In the lawsuite papers, Dawes claims that Penn told him: “The next time I see you, you will be in a box.”

Penn has been spotted lately hanging out in bars with Marc Cherry, and slapping people around.

Singer Whitney Houston postponed three concerts this week due to illness that would have signaled the start of her European tour.

Houston, 46, was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection by doctors in Paris, and denied rumors that a drug relapse played a part. She called such reports "ridiculous," adding, "at this point, I just don't respond. I don't even read it."

It doesn't help Houston's story when chooses to recover in Amsterdam.

As always, let's end with a gold image or three:

Among other things, these pics make me want to get in touch with nature. So, explore the natural elements today, feel the warmth of spring on your skin and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. Miss Ash Says:
  2. Okay you redeemed yourself with those last few stories, I thought for sure I had stumbled upon the website for that "cheaters" tv show ;)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Heff Says:

    Damn. Bullock's NOT in a sex tape. Oh well, a Heff can dream....

    I think both the Gosselin's (or is the plural Geeselins?) should lose custody, because it's ALL about fame and fortune for BOTH of them.

    Damn shame about Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. She has some schmokin' funbags.

    Bruce Springsteen - "Baby he was born to run" ?

    EXCELLENT Nicollette Sheridan joke. You nailed it, and I'd NAIL her.

    Sean Penn is an ASS, I liked him better as "Sam". He showed more intelligence then, lol.

    Whitney Houston's voice crack "is whack".

    And in closing, Look at the knobs on that bath faucet !

  5. Parents take note: Name your kid after an old west outlaw and he'll grow up to be a giant douche. Guaranteed.

    Wait, John Gosselin wasn't a doughy douche before the split?

    I didn't even know Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy were a couple. I can't imagine what it would be like for a girl to date such a spazz though.

    Let me get this straight. Someone married to a rock star was surprised the rock star had a groupie?

    That's all I got. Keep those gold images coming!

  6. wigsf Says:
  7. Okay, other than One Crazy Summer, Better Off Dead and Grosse Pointe Blank; what has John Cusack ever done to warrant being called an actor. He's made some awful movies.
    Hot Tub Time Machine, Must Love Dogs, Con Air, and a whole bunch of shitty thrillers nobody remembers.

  8. Boxer Says:
  9. bwahahaha to both Heff and Minnow.

    I'd love to see a reality show where the Paparazzi is followed and harrassed. They are the true bottom feeders of our society.

    As for Kate/Jon. Those poor kids would do better without either of them and the whole thing just makes me sad.

    Good luck with the new gig. Training with an expense accountant isn't bad.

    Have a great time in CA.

  10. Wendy Says:
  11. Why do celebrities need to make sex tapes? I think it's risky for anyone to do it, but celebrities are just asking for too much unwanted... um... exposure.

  12. Miss Ash - Some weeks seem to run in themes, eh? Ha. And there's always a lot of cheating in Hollywood . . . Happy Friday Miss Ash.

    Heff - Appreciate the detail, so you never know about sex tapes but I tend to doubt Bullock in is one, agree completely about the Gosselins as both are worthless, I liked Carrey & McCarthy as a couple, thought about a 'Born to Run' pun myself, Sheridan still looks good even with the surgery she must have had along the way, I like to watch Penn act but he could use to chill a bit outside of work, I still laugh about that Houston line concerning crack, and that does look like a great tub. Happy Friday Heff.

    Native Minnow - Agreed on the James thing, although I think he might have given himself that name change at some point. Maybe. And you're right about Gosselin pre-divorce, but I think he's swollen since then too. Carrey & McCarthy were together for like 5 years. Crazy. And glad you liked the images - Happy Friday Minnow.

    WIGSF - Not so much lately, but I'd thrown 'Being John Malkvoich, 'The Sure Thing' and definitely 'The Grifters' in his good movie category. Happy Friday WIGSF.

    Boxer - Yep. Everybody is making excellent points around here today. And yeah, I would watch that papparrzo show long before anything w/ the Gosselins. Ugh. Feel bad for the kids . . . and thanks on the training as they're putting me up at a nice hotel, which is always a good thing. Happy Friday Boxer.

    Wendy - Sex tapes are just generally a lousy idea. But they never learn. Ever. It might be a good idea if you're a B or C list celeb, but even then, probably not the best move. Happy Friday Wendy.

  13. BostonPobble Says:
  14. Love the negotiations between the Gossleins. Why do we let people be famous for being famous? *sigh* Have a good weekend, $$.

  15. JLee Says:
  16. Cusack was great in that, and that's why I am going to see "Hot Tub Time Machine" despite the title. ha

    Lots of douchebaggery today in QHF. Cheaters are bad, but Penn needs some anger management and I have an idea that's why Robin Wright finally left his ass for good.

    On a happier note, enjoy the sunshine in Cali and go lay in the grass or something if you get some time ;)

  17. nobich Says:
  18. Happy Friday!!

  19. Bostonpobble - Exactly. That has been one of the worst trends of the last decade (?). Not quite sure of the timeframe, but it is a bad precedent. Happy Friday Pobble & hope you're feeling better.

    Jlee - Yep. One of those weeks for cheaters & you're probably right about Penn. But I would like to have a beer with him just for fun. Ha. I'll definitely swim a few laps in the hotel pool & we'll see about the grass thing. Thanks for the good wishes & Happy Friday.

    Nobich - Happy Friday to you. Enjoy it.

  20. Of all the people in the world that could make a death threat, take Penn seriously. I would.

  21. Linda Says:
  22. John & Kate without 8 are just 2 miserable souls. I think that's why there's a tug of war. Those kids deserve better. Good luck with the new gig and Happy (belated) Friday.

  23. Hiya BDS, sorry I've been absent as of late. :(

    So, I think I recall saying before, when you were covering all the Tiger drama, that all guys like a little dirty. And, in the case of James, he just got filthy. I mean, blech.

    How long do you think it will be before we see Jon on Celebrity Fit Club? Will that make him a hypocrite?

    I think Jenny was just a little too grossed out that she was all of sudden sleeping with a grandpa.

    Nicollette was married to Leif Garrett. And pretty much married to Michael Bolton. She deserves any snide remark we wish to make about her.

    Nice golden images. more than a mouthful. :)

    Have a great week!

  24. 明偉誠秋 Says:
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  26. 駱治男 Says:
  27. 你不能改變容貌~~但你可以展現笑容......................................................


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