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Survival In The Desert . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I guess I passed my first Las Vegas work test a few months ago because I was recently drafted to return to the desert.

Obviously, the salt shaker half-full of cocaine, the seventeen pairs of leopard-skin bikini underwear and the missing call girl didn't come back to haunt me. These things happen I suppose.

There's no time to reflect on that ugly episode, however, as my plane leaves in an hour, and the timing couldn't be better or worse depending on your perspective. I received a hefty bonus check yesterday, which is likely a horrendous scenario when you are leaving for Vegas the next day as that city will rob you blind before you even get to your hotel room.

But I plan to keep the blinders on until I reach my suite at the Palazzo, a new property that adjoins the Venetian. I will not spend any money except to tip the man who brings my luggage and then I'll try to hide out and only bet on college football games and blackjack - games of pure skill. Ha.

Doubtful. What I won't do is shove fistfulls of twenties down g-strings at the Spearmint Rhino or buy $14 cocktails as I have actual work to do and then my wife is joining me on the back end for the weekend.

I've never been in Vegas for more than 3 days before, and this extended amount of time makes me nervous. The nerves could crack, the spine might become faulty and untrustworthy and the back of my throat is already calling out with a powerful thirst while anticipating the dry, desert air.

Survival is key, and the only option. We'll see. So, have a hell of a good week and send any extra luck available out to Sin City as that's where I will be until next Monday.




  1. I was wondering why you had a Tuesday post, and I now I understand.

    My limit on Vegas is 3 days, so it will be interesting to see how you do in those "bio domes" for nearly a week. However, whenever I've been there with The Mister or a friend, I've found it's fun to take their metro and the people watching? That's my fav.

    Congrats on the bonus check!

  2. nobich Says:
  3. Have fun- try to stay out of trouble at least until your wife gets there ("The trouble with trouble is it starts out as fun")Ha!

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. Coulda done without the banana hammock. 'kay?

  6. BostonPobble Says:
  7. It worked the first time but don't risk it a second ~ only take ten pair of leopard-skin bikini underwear. Seriously, seventeen was pushing your luck, even for Vegas.

    Have a good time and enjoy the extra days with Mrs. $$!

  8. cats Says:
  9. have a great time!

    what a bonus that you get to take a business trip with your wife. hubby and i rarely if ever get to do those because of the kids

  10. vivavavoom Says:
  11. lucky man....will miss the friday post! good luck in vegas! and the leopard gstring is oh so wrong!

  12. Have fun. Keep your package in the bikini. No strippers? Are you sure? Just a few, come on. One twenty. Bring your wife, that makes it ok.

  13. Sooo, that first picture was quite interesting and that's all I'll say about that :-)

    Anyway, Have fun, and please for the love of God stay out of trouble.

  14. Gypsy Says:
  15. The one time you put some man flesh on your blog and you have to have him wearing those budgie smugglers and leopard print no less. Gawd save me.

    I bet that woman is on her knees because she can't walk in those killer heels right?

    Have a wicked time and that's all from me :)

  16. Too bad, I'd say we could hang out at Treasures. That's where us locals spend every spare moment.

    Actually, I'm leaving tomorrow to go to the mountains in Utah. Four days of mountain biking. I'm so excited.

  17. Heff Says:
  18. Dude. The Spearmint Rhino IS A MUST. You're gonna have to hit it on at least ONE of these trips.

  19. JLee Says:
  20. Good luck in the desert and bet on Black's a winner!

  21. Wendy Says:
  22. Well. That was fun, watching that picture load. Wonderbread?


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