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Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, August 06, 2010

“How do you shoot the devil in the back? What if you miss?” – Kevin Spacey, ‘The Usual Suspects’

Spacey is phenomenal in that movie, and the entire cast is top-notch along with the script. The ‘Usual Suspects’ also seemed fitting for this week’s stories since Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen and others are recurring characters around here. Selah.

Anyway, before I hit the door by 4 p.m., let’s look at the hard stories of the week such as:

Lindsay Lohan was released from jail this week and sent straight to a rehab facility.

Lohan served 14 days of a 90-day sentence, getting out early because of jail overcrowding.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said that "she has been sent directly to her next destination, which is a treatment center, and she will now be under the supervision of the LA County Probation Department."

Lohan’s parents stated that “it’s finally good Lindsay will be under the supervision of somebody, anybody.”

Charlie Sheen reached a plea deal with prosecutors this week that will allow him to avoid jail time for a Christmas Day assault on his wife and also won't require him to do his public service close to Aspen.

Sheen pleaded guilty Monday to misdemeanor third-degree assault in exchange for prosecutors dropping two other more serious charges, including a felony charge of menacing. He was sentenced to 30 days in a rehabilitation center, 30 days of probation and 36 hours of anger management.

Sheen's attorney, Yale Galanter, said the actor has already spent 93 days at Promises this year and the center could choose to credit that time toward his sentence.

This doesn’t seem entirely fair since Sheen spends at least ¼ of every year at a rehab center, but then again, supposedly justice is blind.

Justin Bieber – 16 year old pop start – signed a deal with HarperCollins to publish an illustrated memoir titled "Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story.”

The book is due out in October in both the United States and United Kingdom.

"Every day I wake up and count my blessings," Bieber said in the statement. "My fans have played such a large part in all of this and they help me live my dreams every day. I'm excited to share just a little bit more of my world with them through this book."

Every day I wake up and feel blessed that I will never have to read Bieber’s memoir nor listen to his music.

In other music news, Lady Gaga poses nearly nude on the forthcoming issue of ‘Vanity Fair’ and inside talks about her sex drive.

Gaga told the magazine that she avoids having sex because she is afraid of depleting her creative energy. “I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they’re going to take my creativity from me through my [technical name for private parts],” she admits.

Am I the only one who finds Gaga pretty damn unattractive when stripped of her crazy outfits? If not, that might also have something to do with her lack of sexual activity.

{Editor's Note: She does look pretty good on that cover.}

Three weeks after announcing their re-engagement, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston called it off again this week, according to People magazine.

"He's just obsessed with the limelight," Bristol Palin said in a teary interview, "and I got played."

But Johnston's lawyer said he doubts the couple is truly broken up for good. "These young folk have a lot of pressure on them right now," said Rex Butler. "All you have to do is watch that show 'Bridezillas' -- it's on and off, on and off, depending on the pressures."

How do you say White Trash in Wasillian?

Gisele Bundchen gave an interview to Harper’s Bazaar this week where she stated some very strong views on the virtues of breastfeeding.

Bundchen told the British magazine that all women should be forced to breast-feed.

"I think there should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breast-feed their babies for six months," said Bundchen, 30.

I’m in semi-agreement with Bundchen as I think there should be a worldwide law that Bundchen should breastfeed for six months every year, and also not discriminate against anyone based on age, race or sexual orientation.

As always, let’s end with a gold image or two:

Life is all about angles or at least partially. So, know your good side today, flaunt it out in the open and . . . Happy Friday!


{Editor's Note: I will be catching up on blogs this weekend. Again.}


  1. Heff Says:

    My guess for Lindsay's "stay" was 18 days. I was pretty close, unless you use "Price Is Right" rules. In THAT case, "I went over".

    Charlie Sheen has perfected the art of "Banking" Rehab hours.

    Don't worry about having to put up with "Bieber". The next time I see him "twitch comb" his bangs, I'm gonna kill him.

    I personally find GaGa pretty hot (when she's not wearing some ridiculous outfit), but let's face it - the most talented thing that could come out of her vagina would be MY COCK !

    I'm pretty sure Johnston's johnson has seen the last of the Palin action at this point.

    Gisele Bundchen is a genius. That Is All.

    And in closing, I hope your weekend is like giant bags of fun !!!

    See ya around, BDS !

  3. BostonPobble Says:
  4. He's SIXTEEN!!!!!! What kind of a memoir can he have???!!!!!?????

    *pant pant*

    Excuse me. I apologize.

    Have a good weekend, $$.

  5. Boxer Says:
  6. Just why the hell would I care to read the memoir of a 16 year old? Maybe if they print it in the form of a comic book his fans will be ineterested too.

    I'm so conflicted about Lady Gaga. She seems a little manic about her need to be over the top and yet, I like her music. An employee calls her a"but-ter face" ... she's hot everywhere "but her face."

    still waiting for the day when you have the nerve to leave at 3:45.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. nobich Says:
  8. Good post! Happy Friday!!

  9. Miss Ash Says:
  10. Usual Suspects is in my top 5 fav movies for sure!!! Love it!

    I think it's bullshit as far as Sheen is concerned! He should have to do everything including the rehab as part of his sentencing.....he spent 93 days there before of his own volition. So should I start volunteering, going to rehab, taking anger classes just in case one day I get into trouble with the law "but your honour, I spent one day picking up garbage on the highway, excuse my 200 hours of community service please" Pfffff

  11. Linda Says:
  12. Geeze I thought Lohan would only do a few days. Her father was on our local radio station, what a tool. No wonder the kid is screwed up. Why anyone pays any attention to any of the Palins is a mystery to me. Not a lot of working brain cells in that family. Have a great weekend!!

  13. 雅王任 Says:
  14. 在莫非定律中有項笨蛋定律:「一個組織中的笨蛋,恆大於等於三分之二。」............................................................

  15. LIndsay Lohan looks worse and worse with each picture I see of her. Can they rehab a face in the treatment center where she's finishing out her sentence? She desperately needs it.

    Charlie Sheen is just living out his character in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, isn't he?

    My 14 year old son's hair used to look like Justin Bieber's, and I thought it was hideous. Then he shaved his head. Now I wish he had Justin Bieber hair. Better to look like that than an ex-con.

    It's weird how you can't even see Lady Gaga's penis in that picture.

    About Bristol Palin, I tweeted this the other day: Sometimes I think my life sucks. Then I think it could be worse. I could've been engaged to Bristol Palin. Twice. And dumped. Twice.

    Well done, as usual. Thanks for keeping us all updated on the goings on of Hollywood.

  16. Heff - Appreciate the detail, so good call on Lohan as I would have guessed 15 or 21 I think, he sure has, still laughing about the Bieber comment, I think Gaga has a pretty average to below average face if stripped of her makeup, never count either of them out, ha, Gisele has me with that point as well, my weekend was pretty good bags or not and Happy Friday Heff.

    BostonPobble - You should apologize. That is terrible. Ha. Oh well, we don't judge around here & have our own peculiarities so . . . :) Happy Friday Pobble.

    Boxer - It's coming - believe it. 3:45 and BDS . . . Ha. And your employee is right about Gaga in my opionin. As for Bieber, yeah, no 16 year old should have a memoir. Nobody. Happy Friday BOxer.

    Nobich - Thanks and Happy Friday to you.

    Miss Ash - I love 'Suspects' as well. Just great and really holds up to repeated viewings. And yeah, I agree about Sheen as that is just bullshit. Selah. Happy Friday Miss Ash.

    Linda - Yuck. Lohan's Dad is such a buffoon that it's no wonder Lindsay is where she is at. Her mother is only marginally better in my opinion. Happy Friday Linda.

    #%&*%&# - Happy Friday to you.

    Native Minnow - Appreciate the detail, and I know what you mean about Lohan as she looks rough, esepcially for how young she is, I thought about that 'Bueller' scene myself, be careful what you wish for on hair, eh?, ha, still laughing about the Gaga comment, and nice Tweet as that is good remiinder when things look bleak . . . Happy Friday Minnow.

  17. 佳陳生 Says:
  18. 好的部落格就要和好朋友分享--感謝分享..................................................

  19. JLee Says:
  20. I'm a day late and 2 dollars short, but wanted to pop in ;) I like the fact that Justin Bieber can make fun of himself like he did on the MTV awards, with a blow dryer in hand. lol

  21. I still think the Gaga is a man rumour is true. THere's just something about him that I can't quite trust.

  22. 看看文章轉換心情,也幫你加個油哦............................................................


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