Quick Hit Early Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Without spontaneity the world of B&B's is virtually meaningless," - Richard Jenkins, 'Flirting with Disaster'

It's hard to argue with logic like that, and if you haven't seen 'Disaster' (as many haven't), it's a sneaky funny little movie that is well worth a rental. Anyway, this is an early holiday weekend post as I'll be in the mountains until Monday trying my hardest to suck up as much red and green chile-flavored food as I can. I'll be hiking a lot as well.

But before I leave for the airport, let's look at the hard stories of the week such as:

A judge ordered Lindsay Lohan to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet at a hearing Monday, and the actress will also be subject to weekly random drug testing and she must refrain from both if she wants to stay out of jail.

After Judge Revel set the conditions, Lohan's attorney said her client "is prepared to demonstrate by action that she's going to comply with all court orders."

The judge should save me the effort of writing another QHF item in 2, 4 or 6 weeks, and simply send Lohan to jail now because she'll never make it cold turkey.

During his interview with 'Nightline' this week - his first since his break-up with Sandra Bullock - Jesse James said that he wanted to get caught cheating.

"When I was doing it, you know, one, I knew it was horrible. It made me feel horrible," James said. "And two, I knew I would get caught eventually, and I think I wanted to get caught." "I don't think I know for a fact now what it was, you know. I mean, it was me trying to self-sabotage my life."

Mission Accomplished Jesse - mission accomplished.

Nicole Scherzinger won 'Dancing with the Stars' this week as she beat out ESPN reporter Erin Andrews and Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek for the title.

"I was genuinely surprised," the Pussycat Doll told 'Good Morning America.'

I was shocked: A semi-professional dancer for years and years actually won a dance show competition - you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Tina Fey was announced this week as the recepient of the annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, the Kennedy Center said on Tuesday.

In a related story, Dane Cook immediately fired his manager for his continued snubbing by the committee.

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato confirmed they have split up this week.

The Disney actress said on Twitter that the split was amicable: "There are so many crazy rumours flying around today. I'd like to clear a few things up. First, Joe and I did split but it wasn't over the phone. Things didn't work out but we'll remain friends. Secondly, I am NOT dating anybody already."

Joe, 20, said the pair would remain friends.

Meanwhile, I will doggedly continue not to care in the least.

As always, let's end with a gold image or two:

I figure there was something for everyone in those pics as I am egalaritarian (sp?) if nothing else. So balance the scales today, keep the walls from closing in on you and . . . Happy Early Friday and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


{Editor's Note: Everyone have a great holiday weekend.}


  1. wigsf Says:
  2. Slow week, huh.

    Anyhoo, happy early Friday!

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. 良言一句三冬暖,惡語傷人六月寒。..................................................

  5. WIGSF - Everyone's taking it easy this week it seems. Ha. Happy Eary Friday to you as well. Enjoy it.

    M21*Moe - Thanks for stopping by. Happy Early Friday.

  6. What's the over/under on number of days until Lindsay fails one of those drug tests? I'll take the under.

    So what, is Jesse James trying to get people to feel sorry for him now?

    Nicole Sherzinger can "dance" with my "stars" any time she wishes. I'll even let her win every time.

    Tina Fey is hilarious. Dane Cook sucks. Simple as that.

    Demi and Joe split up? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Wait, who are they again?

    And as always, love the gold images.

  7. Heff Says:
  8. Quick Hit THURSDAY !?? Damn, you've thrown me off kilter !

  9. Linda Says:
  10. Jeeze, I've been thinking it's Friday since I woke up, and now this.... hope I remember to come to work tomorrow! No sympathy for Lohan or James here. Both need to grow up. I love how anyone who tells Lohan she has a substance problem is called "insane". She looked like she was having a tough time holding her tongue in that court room. Thanks for the rental recommendation and enjoy your long weekend! Early happy Friday!!

  11. BostonPobble Says:
  12. Enjoy the weekend. You've earned a bit of a break.

  13. Miss Ash Says:
  14. The only interesting "news" in this post are the pictures :)

    James is a waste of space, Lohan...I wouldn't go that far but she's getting up there with him, Who are the Jonas Brothers and Nicole she earned it! Ha!

    PS thanks for the eye candy with the bulging muscles in that last photo! Enjoy the long weekend!

  15. nobich Says:
  16. Enjoy!!

  17. Boxer Says:
  18. It's Friday to me! I'm on a ferry boat, so this is going to be quick.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the hiking.

  19. Im sick of everyone having the same "Jonas/Zac Efron" haircut...

  20. JLee Says:
  21. "Flirting with Disaster" is a great, quirky flick. I love the "armpit scene" lol

    Hope you had a great long weekend. :)

  22. KatheleenJ Says:
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