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Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, December 18, 2009

“Four of us wolves, running around the desert together, in Las Vegas, looking for strippers and cocaine. So tonight, I make a toast!” – Zach Galifianakis, “The Hangover”

I liked ‘The Hangover’ quite a bit even if I didn’t (and still don’t) think it’s an all-time comedy classic. But it’s definitely worth a rental if you missed it in the theaters as it’s got a dangerously funny and funky vibe, thanks largely to the presence of Galifiankis who provides the most laughs of any of the cast members.

Oh well, I’ll probably be sporting a few hangovers of my own this weekend as my best friend from Ireland is in town with his wife and they are staying at the loft. We’ll run around Austin today and then head down near San Antonio to hear Robert Earl Keen at Floores Country Store tomorrow night.

But before I leave the office by 3 p.m. to meet them at a downtown watering hole, let’s look at the hard stories of the week such as:

In Tiger Woods news, it was rumored this week that Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren are headed for an imminent split that will likely be permanent.

This speculation was based on recent photos of Elin that were taken without her wedding and engagement rings and this was assumed to mean that she was sending a public message that the breakup is coming sooner rather than later.

“She knew what she was doing when she stepped out and pumped gas without her wedding rings,” said one source. “There are plenty of people who would have filled the tank for her so she wouldn’t even have to be photographed. She chose not to go down that road. Moreover, she chose to make it clear those rings were not on her. No hands shoved in pockets, no hiding."

Another source said that Tiger has a long road ahead if he wants forgiveness saying: "Tiger’s got a long way to go to make things right, and have the kind of family he was fond of talking about. He’s going to have to play by Elin’s rules now. Forgiveness isn’t exactly around the corner.”

Forgiveness might not be around the corner, however, a revamped pre-nuptial agreement that grants Elin a lot more money if she stays married to Tiger certainly is, so I wouldn’t consider this marriage over quite yet.

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have split, according to Us Weekly, as the magazine claims Gyllenhaal’s pushing for marriage led to their parting.

“She felt pressured to wed again — but she wasn’t ready,” a source told the mag. “She couldn’t give Jake enough, and she got cold feet,” the source added. “From the beginning, Jake wanted all of her, and she knew he deserved someone who could give him that. He wanted to be together at all times, and it became a lot for her to juggle with work and the kids. When it comes down to it, she isn’t ready to get married and he is.”

So far, the break-up has proven to be ever bit as enthralling as their coupling.

Reality television star Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to a baby boy Monday.

Mason Dash Disick was born in Los Angeles, and is the first child for Kardashian, 30, and her boyfriend, Scott Disick, 26. Kourtney is the oldest of the three Kardashian sisters who appear on the E! network show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

The baby is doing well, but Kourtney won’t stop crying because she knows that being pregnant out of wedlock was the only way most people could identify her among her other two sisters – one of which is famous for being married to a Los Angeles Laker basketball player and the other for having a giant ass.

Singer Chris Brown attacked Wal Mart for allegedly not stocking his new CD – Graffiti - on his Twitter account this week, and then later shut down his Twitter account, possibly for good.

Brown wrote on Twitter: “Just was at Walmart in Wallingford CT, 844 north colony. The[y] didn’t even have my album in the back … not on shelves, saw for myself,” he wrote.

According to a Walmart employee, the store was actually sold out of his albums.

“All Walmart stores nationwide have carried the CD since its release, including the Wallingford, [Conn.], store mentioned in the post. This store actually sold through its initial shipment over the weekend. The majority of our stores today are showing they do have copies available. We are surprised at the comments online,” said Walmart in a statement.

Apparently, Brown had added stupidity to his recent resume that also includes domestic violence – a truly wonderful combination for any human being.

Rock star Courtney Love lost custody over her daughter Frances Bean Cobain this week, and a restraining order was also granted while two legal guardians were appointed to care for Love's 17-year-old daughter that she had with the deceased Nirvana front man, Kurt Cobain.

According to legal documents originally obtained by, the court has appointed Kurt Cobain's mother, Wendy O'Connor, and his sister, Kimberly Dawn Cobain, to watch over the minor.

The restraining order may have something to do with Love’s decision to attack her daughter on Facebook. “I hate to sound cold but any kid of mine who pulls this (bleep) has lost her position,” Love wrote. “She was deceptive, she lied and she’s lying to herself . . . My daughter is not always honest.”

The judge claimed that his decision to invoke the restraining order was largely based on Frances Bean's choice to un-friend her mother on Facebook.

Kate Hudson and Yankee Alex Rodriguez have reportedly split up, according to various sources this week. reported Monday that Rodriguez had a wild party weekend in Miami, schmoozing with models and female fans and "acting single."

US Magazine also has sources supposedly confirming the rift, saying Hudson's thirst for publicity surrounding the relationship has driven A-Rod away.

"Alex wanted someone who was more interested in building a long-term relationship than just building their profile," the insider said.

Meanwhile, Hudson claimed she wanted to date someone whose testicles weren’t shriveled from steroid use, which I found somewhat petty on her part.

Toby Keith found controversy this week as several Asian campaign groups criticized the singer for allegedly making a "racist hand gesture" at a Nobel Peace Prize party in Norway.

The singer was in Oslo, Norway to see Barack Obama given the Nobel prize, and after the ceremony, he joined actor Will Smith and musician Wyclef Jean for an impromptu rap performance at an after party. The trio sang “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang, and footage from the event surfaced online this week that supposedly showed Keith pulling back one of his eyes when Smith rapped the word "yellow."

A spokesperson for the Asian American Justice Center said: “Toby Keith embarrassed himself and his country, denigrated the Noble Peace Prize and offended Asians and Asian Americans by using a crude, racist hand gesture." While a rep for the Media Action Network for Asians adds, "By doing this, he is telling his Asian fans 'you don't matter, you're not on my radar.'"

While I don’t think that making such a gesture is appropriate in any way, shape or form, I also can’t imagine that Asian Americans make up a high percentage of people who buy Toby Keith's albums.

{Editor’s Note: I’m not entirely sure who buys them.}

Lindsay Lohan's father – Michael Lohan – was arrested and charged with criminal contempt this week for allegedly violating an order of protection.

Suffolk County police say Michael Lohan was arrested Monday on the misdemeanor charge. His attorney did not immediately return a call for comment.

While Lindsay Lohan might no longer be able to get arrested in this town, her Dad obviously has that angle covered.

As always, let’s end with a gold image or three:

A little Black and White seemed like a healthy antidote for all the green and red holiday decorations. So, don’t be afraid to go against the curve today, stand or sit in the best lighting possible and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. Heff Says:
  2. You're gonna be in for it partying with a dude from Ireland.

    And Kate Hudson is a flat-chested whore. That Is All.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Wendy Says:
  4. Wow! Great post! So many idiots... famous ones... with money...

    Damn, I think I'm jealous.

    Ah, well, at least my kids are still friends with me on Facebook.

  5. Linda Says:
  6. Big week for break up news. And the asshatery that is Courtney Love and Michael Lohan. The most unqualified parents on the planet. Nice of you to post that old photo of Lindsay, she's not looking so good these days. Enjoy your guests and your weekend. Happy Friday!!

  7. I was just thinking about Francis Bean the other day while listening to Nirvana, and wondering how screwed up she must be now after having her father commit suicide and being raised solely by Courtney Love.

  8. Heff - Great to see you around even if you seem quite mean-spirited today. Ha. But you're right about my friend. But ouch about Hudson - pull no punches, eh (though I had to laugh)? Happy Friday Heff.

    Wendy - Thanks as some weeks the idiots pile up like shoppers in a checkout line this time of year. Not a great simile (metaphor?), but . . . you get the idea. Ha. And you are ahead of the game if you've still got your kids friending you on Facebook - don't take it for granted. :) Happy Friday.

    Linda - Big time. The break-ups are coming fast and furious this holiday season. And I thought the exact same thing this morning when I posted and then saw the pic on Lohan - I was thinking, man, she used to look pretty darn good. It's too bad . . . Have a great weekend and Happy Friday (I'm going to catch 'Bad Lieutenant 2' with my guests tonight at a theater where you can eat and drink, should be fun.

  9. Native Minnow - Flew by you in Cyberspace, but yeah, Frances Bean can't be the most stable 17-year-old walking the planet. She has some pretty major strikes against her. And I read somewhere recently that Love hooked up with DJ Qualls, which is just bizarre and somewhat disgusting all the way around. Happy Friday.

  10. Gypsy Says:
  11. What a big week in Tinsel Town and you can always rely on the Lohan's to make an appearance. I'd like to attend their christmas dinner just because I am morbidly fascinated with people who can't stop screwing up. It's like a perpetual car wreck. Maybe they should invite Chris Brown because he seems to be effected by the same condition. Sheesh...

    Elin Woods would be crazy not to leave. I am predicting that the women who have already come forward are only the tip of the iceberg. The man is clearly insatiable and one woman would be like an hors d'oeuvres to him. Then again, if you are going to be globally humiliated you may as well do it rolling in money. What a mess!

    Getting on to real people now, I hope you have an awesome weekend with your bff from Ireland. Heff's right. I feel a BIG one coming on. Try to slip a few glasses of water in when no-one's looking B.

  12. Boxer Says:
  13. Don't people from Ireland drink beer for breakfast?

    Wendy said it perfectly "so many idiots."

    Being from Seattle, I remember when Frances Bean was born and thinking at the time "poor kid".

    I still think that.

    Have a fabulous (hic) weekend and I'll check back next week to see if the Drunken Viking is around here.

    My Holiday video will be up Sunday, so make sure you stop by and anyone else looking for a peak into "2-Buck's World" is welcome too Ha!

  14. Gypsy - Big week indeed and yeah, Lohan's always show up in one form or another. Ha. And I agree 100% about the dinner invitation because that would be one meal that would surely be morbidly entertaining. It's looking more and more like Elin will leave him, and I'm just curious at this point exactly how much money she will walk away with . . . it will be a lot is my only prediction (not exactly a revelation, I know). I will try for some H20 this weekend, but no promises. Happy Friday Gypsy.

    Boxer - Guinness is a meal unto itself any time of the day. But last night, we were all drinking Dos Equis, Heineken and Hiberation Ale (microbrew). As for Bean, I would pretty much agree with your assesment, and I bet she doesn't even have some big inheritance to fall back on as any kind of insurance policy. The Drunken Viking might be around next week, but he will certainly be peeking into the Xmas video to ensure his habitats are shown in a flattering and non-lawsuit slapping light . . . Ha. Happy Friday Boxer.

  15. JLee Says:
  16. I might have to revisit "The Hangover" or possibly buy it. Funny stuff. That crazy asian guy is very funny in the show "Community" as well.

    lol @ Heff. That sounds like something I would say (or have said)

    Have a fun and safe weekend with your buddy and like Gypsy said, stay hydrated!

  17. melissa Says:
  18. Don't forget to bring 3 or more non-perishable food items to the Robert Earl Keen show tonight or tomorrow for a drive for the SA Food Bank! Anyone who donates is entered to win an awesome autographed prize pack during the show!!!

  19. BostonPobble Says:
  20. I think I'll start complaining on twitter whenever a store doesn't have my book. Think it'll work?

    Ireland + Best Friend + Holidays = Drunken Viking Post, yes? Pleeease?

  21. The Asian American Justice Society does NOT speak for me! I love Toby Keith and his daughter Miley Cyrus Keith!

  22. TROLL Y2K Says:
  23. I didn't know Kate Hudson was flat-chested until now. Then again, I didn't know who she was until she was on PTI during the World Series.

    Methinks that Elin Nordegren, like her famous sister Swede Greta Garbo, "just vants to be alone". She just bought a house on a Swedish Island accessible only by boat.

    And She won't take the "renegotiate the pre-nup" deal. Florida Law is pretty stingy with the non-earning spouse compared to other States. But it IS not that stingy on Child Support rulings.

    The first Golden Image Chick is a little too skinny but I'd do her.

    That is all.

  24. Heff Says:
  25. Hey, Let's hear it for Playboy, with another bullshit "Double Issue" this month !!!

    Damn, Tara Reid needs to eat a sandwhich or sumpthin'.

  26. Jlee - He is pretty funny in both the movie and the show (maybe the show by a little bit, maybe?). I'm not a big Kate fan, but neither would I say that even if it was somewhat true. Ha. Oh well, it's Friday, so let it roll. Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

    Melissa - Thanks for the tip as that is a fine cause, and I have cans, so . . . consider it done. And feel free to rig the drawing for me. :)

    Bostonpobble - You should! Angry Tweets and often . . . dammit. :) Maybe not. The Viking might have to rear his ugly head early next week (maybe Tuesday) once his head clears from this weekend. Ha. Happy Friday Pobble.

    Wang Hung - I'm sure Toby Keith appreciates you almost as much as Miley. Almost. Ha.

    Troll Y2K - Hudson was acutally really good in 'Almost Famous,' but that was awhile ago. And I watch PTI pretty much every day when I get home from work. Thanks for the Florida legal system information as I had no idea how it looked down there. And yeah, I had seen that about Elin and the house, so I figure she'll divorce him, head there and roll around alone in a pile of money. Finally, very generous of you on the image - you're an altruist at heart. Happy Friday.

    Heff - Really? I haven't picked up my mail in 2 days, so I bet it's in there, but I can honestly say that I don't want to see Tara Reid naked at this point. Not one single bit. That magazine is going downhill . . . Happy Friday nonetheless. I am walking out the door right now.

  27. TROLL Y2K Says:
  28. According to a panel of Florida Lawyers (who actually agreed):

    1) Tiger's managers were morons for leaking that pre-nup negotiation story.

    2) She'd be a moron to sign it.

    3) She'll CONTROL a lot more money if she divorces him NOW.

    4) He hasn't done as much to shield his assets as some rich dudes.

    5) A Judge will prolly order HUGE child-support. Maybe a Million per year per kid.

    6) The Judge can order that they be considered "children" up to age 21. So, we're talking 35 Million.

    7) The judge can (and probably will) take the WHOLE 35 Million out of Tiger's control immediately and set-up an uber-safe low-yield Sinking Fund from which Elin will get paid monthly for 19 years.

    8) That low-yield fund will be a separate legal entity that Tiger would have to sue separately should there be some cause for him to challenge in the future. Like Elin becoming a jet-setting turbo-slut or marrying me for examples.

    9) Nobody has yet successfully sued one of those low-yield funds set up in divorce courts. Including some dude who's now completely bankrupt but was rolling in cash at time of divorce.

  29. Twas a night before Christmas and out of the house
    Tiger Woods came a flyin', chased by his spouse.
    She wielded a nine iron and wasn't too merry,
    Cause a bimbo's phone number was in his Blackberry.
    He'd been cheatin' on Elin, and the story progressed.
    Woman after woman stepped up and confessed.
    He'd been cheatin' with ...Holly, and Jaimee, and Cori,
    With Joselyn, and Kalika. The world had the story.
    From the top of the Tour to the basement of blues,
    Tiger's sad sordid tale was all over the news.
    With hostesses, waitresses, he had lots of sex,
    When not in their pants, he was sendin' them texts.
    Despite all his cryin' and beggin' and pleadin',
    Tiger's wife went investin' -- a new home in Sweden.
    And I heard her exclaim from her white Escalade,
    "If you're gettin' laid then I'm gettin' paid."
    She's not pouting, in fact, she's of jolly good cheer,
    Her prenup made Christmas come early this year.

  30. JLee Says:
  31. lol @ Kym!
    Clarification..I wouldn't necessarily call Kate Hudson a "whore" but some other actress/starlet person might get called that on any given day. ha
    I actually like her...

  32. Miss Ash Says:
  33. Good luck to you this weekend as you might need it whooping it up with an Irish bloke! Luck or lots of advil!

    As for the celebs....where's the good new 2DP...they've all called it splits and CB is still a gigantic douche! Enjoy the weekend!Hopefully you won't find a tiger in the loft!

  34. Boxer Says:
  35. Holiday Video is up!

  36. Joanna Cake Says:
  37. Good for Elin! Dont let him assume he can just come straight back without any repercussions. Let him stew! That's what I would have done and publicly removing her rings does just that.

    I can empathise with Reece, I wouldnt want to go straight back into matrimony either. A period of adjustment is necessary and no one wants to jump straight back into the fire after escaping the frying pan.

    Courtney Love is one weird parent. I can understand she might be tetchy to be unfriended, but that's what teens do. To publicly slag her off on FB is not going to help their relationship. Emotionally, teenagers are precariously balanced creatures. Mind you, I feel for her after some of her mother's antics.

    Who is Toby Keith?

    Hope your hangover isnt too bad. Merry Christmas!!! x

  38. Troll Y2K - Wow. Thanks a lot for the detail, and although I don't have a law degree, it sounds like Tiger is going to lose a lot of money - and quickly. Ouch. I'm surrpised he didn't have an iron-clad pre-nup . . .

    Khymical reactions - Ha. That's pretty clever. I've seen a fair amount of Wood's-related jokes, and that is near the top. :) Thanks for sharing and Happy Belated Friday.

    Jlee - Agree about Kym and thanks for the clarification. It's the details that are important when calling someone a whore. Ha. Hope you had a good weekend.

    Miss Ash - I am still tired. Dead-ass tired . . . oh well, it was fun. :) And I do have a stuffed tiger in the garage, but he just largely watches over the place. Maybe more good news will be next week in Hollywood. Maybe. Happy Belated Friday.

    Boxer - I have seen it & it is great.

    Cake - Tiger is stewing indeed and then he will be forking over a lot of money. As for Reese, I think she's been divorced for several years now (4?), but figure it's obviously her decision, so she should make the one she wants. Love is just one woman who still doesn't seem to have her stuff entirely together, so I guess I'm not really surrpised about her story. And I always like the word Slag. Ha. I need to use it more. Happy Belated Friday to you and Merry Christmas as well. Hope it goes off great . . .

  39. Gypsy Says:
  40. I'm just chuckling over Kym's poem. Very well done.

    I just wanted to wish you and Mrs $2 a fantastic Christmas B and may the joys of the season be all yours. Stay safe on the roads if you're travelling. Can't have a blog world without QHF....:)

  41. Boxer Says:
  42. thanks for the early Xmas wishes. Stay safe and sane and have a wonderful Christmas. I really love "the big tree".

  43. Blogger Says:
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