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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, January 09, 2009

"I go visit her in high school and all the guys she goes to school with are, like, strong and handsome and really, like, funny and do good impressions of Jeff Goldblum and shit like that. And, like, I just feel like a fat, dumb fuckin' stinky-ass turd when I'm there." - Seth Rogen, "Pineapple Express"

That is no way to feel, and maybe I've been out of high school too long if Jeff Goldblum impersonations get you laid. But I'll ignore my high school period today as I'm simply glad to have finished a full week of work after the holidays. It's the small victories, eh?

Anyway, before I head off into the weekend, let's look at the hard stories of the week such as:

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell are new parents as Romijn gave birth to twin girls - Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip - this week.

Publicist Lewis Kay said in a statement Monday that "mother, father and both girls are all home and doing well."

Kay also added that the new parents only hope their twins "turn out better than Jerry and Charlie O'Connell."

Patricia Arquette filed for divorce from her actor-husband Thomas Jane in Los Angeles on Monday, citing irreconcilable differences.

The couple, who were married in May 2006, have a 5-year-old daughter, Harlow Olivia Calliope Jane and Arquette is seeking custody of their daughter, with visitation rights for Jane.

Jane had been seeking custody of the Patricia Arquette who was so sexy in "True Romance" because she has been missing for a long while.

Michael Jackson signed a year-long lease on a mansion in Bel Air, California, a spokesman for the singer said Wednesday. The lease agreement is for $100,000 a month, and the home has seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms and 12 fireplaces.

The biggest selling point for Jackson, however, was a massive play-ground area and a secluded backyard.

Brad Pitt told W magazine in a story this week that he didn't cheat on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie.

The story, posted on W magazine's Web site, found Pitt defending both women and claiming that his relationship with Jolie didn't begin until after he and Aniston split in 2005.

Pitt said that filming on "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" continued after he and Aniston split, and that his relationship with Jolie wasn't "some kind of dastardly affair." "I'm very proud of the way it was handled," he says. "It was respectful."

The rotating timeline of this love triangle/affair/relationship will apparently be discussed each year by various participants until the end of time.

Lindsay Lohan denied reports this week which claimed that she had split with DJ Samantha Ronson after media reports said they had publicly sparred several times over the holidays.

In a brief post on her MySpace blog, Lohan wrote: “We did NOT break up!” Lohan also asked several media outlets “AND every GOSSIP website” to get their stories straight.

She also wrote: BUT PLEASE continue to write about ME since I have no CAREER to speak of . . .

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck welcomed another child this week as Garner gave birth to their second daughter but Affleck's publicist would not provide any additional details.

The only question remaining was who cared enough to ask about the details?

Alyssa Milano is now engaged to marry a Hollywood agent as publicists for Milano said Tuesday that the actress had accepted a marriage proposal from David Bugliari, an agent at Creative Artists Agency.

The two have been dating for over a year, but no wedding date has been set.

Bugliari must be the either best or the absolute worst agent in Hollywood if he persuaded Milano to accept the role of his wife.

It feels like a lame week in Hollywood, but then again, the year is only beginning and there is plenty of time for better stories. As always, let's end with a gold image like this:

Red-heads can be brutally sexy, and yet, I never discriminate against any hair color when it comes to this department. So, enjoy your own natural or artificial hair color today, don't forget your top in the frigid winter cold and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. Romany Angel Says:
  2. WTF does Patricia Arquette look like in that hideous contraption she's wearing? I was so traumatised by that pic I might have to come back to comment on the rest.

    Have a great weekend B.

  3. That picture of Patrica Arquette has to be doctored or something. The last time I saw a pair of nuclear warheads like that, a communist army was marching around them while saluting a giant poster of Lenin.

  4. Romany Angel - I know. That picture usually ends up on the Worst Dressed on all-time awards . . . seriously. It's hard to believe her publicist let her leave the house dressed like that. Ha. Have a great weekend yourself.

    WhatIgot - I don't believe the Arquette is a communist, however, I've never heard her deny it either. Ha. Regardless, I don't believe it was doctored, which is more disturbing that if somebody had messed with it.

  5. Miss Ash Says:
  6. Dolly....really?? I heard that on a certain show that shall remain nameless but I thought that (what the hell i had to throw a 3rd "that" in there) they were kidding. I don't like it!

  7. Linda Says:
  8. Have you noticed that every other week Michael Jackson is broke, and then the next week he is buying something extravigant? Those silly tabloid folks just can't keep up. Golden Globes Sunday night,fun to watch. Happy Friday!

  9. Boxer Says:
  10. would you rent your house to Michael Jackson????

    I missed Pineapple Express in the theater and I look forward to renting it.

    Have a great weekend 2$. It was a long first back to reality, so this Friday feels extra great.

  11. Miss Ash - I'm completely lost here . . . Dolly? I think my brain is turning to mush. Seriously. Ha.

    Linda - It's true, although I tend to believe that Jackson's finances aren't the best right (they can't be, can they?). And yes, I love the Globes as they are fair more laid-back then the Oscars, and consequently, someone is usually drunk while accepting or giving an interview.

    Boxer - You said it as this week felt like a death march (luckily, that wasn't the case). The 'Express' would make a fine rental, esepecially in certain states. Finally, Happy Friday & have a great weekend.

  12. nobich Says:
  13. I don't know which pic is scarier
    Patricia Arquette or Michael Jackson- I loved Patricia Arquette in True Romance that is one of my most favorite movies- she didn't always look that scary oooie

  14. slopmaster Says:
  15. wtf happened to Arquette! I used to masturbate to her!

    And say what you will about lohan, but I still think she's sexy.. post more pictures.

    and more of your super hot girl pics. Where the heck do you find those!

  16. I can't even tell you how sad I am to hear that news about Alyssa Milano. On the bright side, no Hollywood marriage lasts longer than a couple of years, so she'll be available again soon, right?

  17. Nobich - You said it about Arquette, and I love that movie too. Excellent stuff. As for the more frightening pic, I think I'd go with Jackson as his damage seems irrevocable (sp?) at this point. Arquette could rally. Happy Friday.

    Slopmaster - I also think Lohan is still sexy in some undefinable way. I'm not proud of that fact. And it's a full-time job coming up with those closing pics, but I am nothing if not professional and diligent.

    Native Minnow - Definitely. I don't see that lasting with Milano (if they ever do in fact get married), and am also saddened. Finally, I'm suprised that she's not marrying some pro athelete as that's all she seems to date (at least until now).

  18. BostonPobble Says:
  19. I wish Lindsey Lohan would go away for a little while. There was once talent there. Perhaps if she'll go away, take some time off and get her shit together, we would care again. Or not.

  20. TROLL Says:
  21. The twin on the right has nicer boobage, I think.

  22. Heff Says:
  23. With you stopping by H.B.A.G. on Thursday instead of Friday, I damn near forgot you a Quick Hit Friday comment to leavage, so I'll just end by saying, "God Damn at the cleavage !!!"

    Have a good one, BDS.

  24. Bostonpobble - I agree. She ought to disappear, and then re-start her career with some indie films and focus on acting again because at one point, it seemed like she might be good at it. Maybe.

    TheTroll - It's a toss-up in my mind as there really isn't a losing proposition either way. Ha. And those are good odds in my book.

    Heff - I know. I've been off schedule since the holidays, and wondered if you were boycotting QHF for your own personal reasons. Ha. Better late than never, eh?


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