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Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I came to this MeMe that has been making the rounds somewhat late, however, a noted pugilist gave me questions to answer, so . . .

1. Your movie script has been green lighted and you're heading to Hollywood - what is the first stop you'd make when you get off the plane? Chateau Marmont and check into the hotel because it's a fairly legendary place for Hollywood debauchery. I'd reserve a suite, then head directly to the bar and send out someone to grab In N Out burgers around 3 a.m.

2. You're given the chance to appear on these reality shows: The Apprentice, Survivor, American Idol or, The Biggest Race. Which one would you choose and why? American Idol is out because I can't sing at all. The Apprentice is out because Donald Trump makes my queasy, although if his daughter - Ivanka - was there, then I might reconsider. Survivor seems too difficult and living without food around a group of people I can't escape from isn't appealing at all. So, I would choose "The Amazing Race" because you'd get to visit some different countries around the world and it seems like a good time.

3. You've won a free trip anywhere in the United States, except New York, L.A. or Chicago. Where would you go? Mendocino. Right now, I could go for a place with loads of wide open spaces for hiking, not very many people and wineries all around.

4. You can star in any movie you've ever watched. What would it be? Tough one . . . Ignoring any adult movies, I'll go with George Clooney in "Ocean's 11" because you'd get the thrill of an intricate heist to exact revenge on a guy who stole your wife, plus you get to end up with millions of dollars as well as Julia Roberts, dress well and hang out with your friends. That sounds like a pretty good gig to me.

5. You're throwing the party of a lifetime and can hire any band - who would you pick? If it was a big party, then I'd go with Guns N Roses - the original line-up. If that was an impossibility, then I think I would still go with The Rolling Stones even though they are not my favorite band, however, they still seem like a good choice to whip a party up even though they are climbing the age bracket.



  1. Heff Says:
  2. Isn't # 1 a hopeful coincedence ?

    Regarding # 5, I'd re-think hiring Guns N Roses, because "Asshole Rose" would either #1. - Not show up at all, or # 2. - Pitch a bitch-fest and quit halfway through the show.

  3. 1. You gotta figure the classier hotels got the classier escorts.

    2. I would do American Idol. I probably sing worse than you. But I'd spend the week learning that one song and when nobody is around, make new lyrics for the song and have it be about how gay Simon Cowell is and how he'd let me win if slept with him. That would be really funny.

    3. Dude, go to Aspen. Snow bunnies.

    4. What about George Clooney in Return of the Killer Tomatoes.

    5. Do you mean the lineup showed in that picture or the real original lineup. The one with Tracii Guns.

  4. JLee Says:
  5. Good questions and very good answers as well. I like the "ignoring any adult movies..." haha

  6. Heff - Of course. Ha. And yeah, I'd need a back-up plan for G N R, but if it went off . . . Awesome.

    WhatIgot - I appreciate the detail. Definitely a correlation, that's a fine case for 'Idol' (though I still like 'Race' for the travel aspect), Aspen would be a stellar choice, forgot about his role in that movie, and you nailed me on that one as I consider the picture line-up to be the original one. Maybe you'd go the other route?

    Jlee - Of course, you have to throw those out. Ha. Unfortunately.

  7. 1. I always thought In-N-Out was overrated, but I'm slowly coming around. I had dinner there last night.

    2. Good choice. I'd have wanted to do Survivor in one of its first seasons, but the people seem to be getting worse and worse. I quit watching after season three.

    3. If you're into the outdoorsy stuff, check Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area out sometime. I lived there for three years and wish I could go back.

    4. That'd be way too hard to narrow it down, but at least you picked one where you didn't have to worry about getting shot. Good choice.

    5. I agree with Heff. Axl is too much of a prima donna, and your party would be ruined either by a no show, or by him throwing beer bottles around at everyone.

  8. BostonPobble Says:
  9. The coolest thing is that, for the rest of us, #1 is purely hypothetical. For you, it's foreshadowing. :)

  10. Linda Says:
  11. 1. Debauchery is a draw,but I might go for the Beverly Hilton.

    2. Agree on the Amazing Race. Though I'd need a fit partner to drag my sorry, out-of-shape ass around the world.

    3. Agree on California, but I'd be further north, in Monterey.

    4. Good choice, though we know I love all that is Clooney. Hard one for me, as I'd take any movie that put me within spitting distance of Clooney, Pitt, Farrell ... oh the list is too long!!!

    5. After seeing Shine A Light, I'd totally go with the Stones. They may be old, but they still know how to rock the house!

    Nice post!

  12. Boxer Says:
  13. Great answer to question number one. Everytime I visit LA, I drive by Chateau Marmont and tell myself I'm going to stop for a drink. Then I think about driving up to the valet in a crappy rental car and imagine them telling me to keep on going! All of the answers are very "2$" and yet.... I think I was able to see more of the man behind the dollar bill and that's great.

  14. Native Minnow - I'm only guessing on In N Out as I think I had one maybe a decade ago and can't remember it, I am exactly where you are w/ Survivor (watching included), thanks for the Gorge tip as I'm always filing things like that away, there are a ton of good answers for that one so I went with the first that popped into my head, and I would need a contract rider that demanded Axl's attention. Good luck with that last one, eh?

    Bostonpobble - Ha. I always enjoy foreshadowing as long as it's not too blatant, and I'll take the encouragement. It is always appreciated.

    Linda - Good choice as the Hilton is also a spot I've read about for years, the Race would be good exercise for all those involved, I want to hit Monterey someday (almost caught it this past summer, but not enough vacation time), the list for this one is too long as there are so many fine choices, and thanks for the reminder as I need to rent 'Light,' although I saw them in concert that tour and it was great.

    Boxer - Glad you dropped by as I thought about mentioning yr. interview was up in my comment on your post, but didn't want to mix it in there . . . I laughed at your Marmont story as I can feel you there, but maybe you should rent something ridiculously bad-ass one trip and then go there. Ha. And hopefully, if you read between things around here, then sometimes certain areas are more truthful than others (though they are all somewhat valid). Thanks for taking the time to send the questions - I do appreciate it.

  15. Miss Ash Says:
  16. Good choice on the reality front though you'd be much more entertaining in you know...the adult movies....Ha!

    G n R really??

  17. Mr. DNA Says:
  18. Here's to #1 becoming a reality!

    But don't get your hopes up too high, as far as the magic of the Marmont. It's just a place, like all the rest. In n Out on the other hand, that won't disappoint.

  19. Romany Angel Says:
  20. I have always wanted to go on Survivor. I don't watch it anymore but hung in there for about 6 seasons. It became too predictable. I would just love to see if I could do it and I'd be the one being sweet to everyone's faces and flying way under the radar.

    Great interview B. I really enjoyed it.

  21. Miss Ash - By "entertaining," I'm sure you mean powerful and addictive to watch. Ha. And yeah, I still have a strong affinity for the original G N R, so I think it would make for an interesting party. Maybe.

    Mr. DNA - Thanks, and you're probably right as the percentages would likely favor In N Out as being more rewarding on a cost basis as well.

    Romany Angel - I caught the first two seasons, and I think that element you mentioned would be interesting, but sweating in some jungle with little to no food and surrounded by idiots is a lot to handle. Ha. Thanks on the interview.


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