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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, June 20, 2008

"Don't condescend me, man. I'll fuckin' kill ya, man. " - Brad Pitt, "True Romance"

This will be brief today as I've been living in a suspended state of reality due to the fact that time and news don't exist in Las Vegas. But before I collapse and start hiding from casino henchmen looking for their money, let's discuss:

Soul singer Amy Winehouse remained in hospital on Tuesday for more tests after fainting at home on Monday and being rushed to a clinic by her father, a spokesman said.

"She's staying there for the time being," the spokesman said. "They are still not quite sure what happened and the tests were inconclusive."

I'm no doctor, but I would wager that she fainted from taking too many drugs and not eating anything except a crack pipe - you don't need a degree in medicine to figure out that mystery.

Officials said on Monday they will not file charges against pop star Britney Spears over a photographer's claim she ran over his foot as she backed up her car in a crush of paparazzi.

Joseph Shidler, deputy district attorney, said:

"We have no evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the suspect was aware that the victim's foot had been struck by the car," Shidler wrote. "There was much commotion and noise at the time and there is no proof that the suspect was aware of what had happened."

He also added that "unfortunately, Miss Spears is rarely aware of what has just happened so this might set a dangerous precedent for the future."

Britney Spears' 17-year-old sister Jamie Lynn, star of Nickelodeon's popular TV show "Zoey 101," has given birth to a baby girl, People magazine reported on Thursday.

Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to Maddie Briann on Thursday morning at a hospital in Mississippi, the magazine said.

The baby girl's name was changed from the original choice of "Hope" when the parents realized their wasn't any.

Naomi Campbell pleaded guilty Friday to assaulting two police officers during an "air rage" incident at Heathrow Airport. She has not been sentenced yet.

Prosecutor Melanie Parrish told the court that Campbell had taken a first class seat on a British Airways flight from London to Los Angeles when she was told one of her bags, along with other passengers' luggage, had not been loaded onto the plane.

She said the captain came out to explain the situation to Campbell, but that she became abusive and refused to listen and used to her mobile phone to yell:

"Get me another flight, get the press, get me my lawyer," the model said, according to prosecutors.

Get Campbell a nice, big jail cell too - just don't leave anything lying around for her to throw at the guards.

Charlie Sheen has issued an apology after expletive-laden answer machine messages he left for his ex-wife Denise Richards two years ago were made public online.

In the 2005 voicemails, which have been circulating on the Internet for the past two days, an angry Sheen rages about what he calls his former wife's "lawyer bull [bleep]" in the midst of their divorce proceedings.

He rants, "I guess I should just get used to the fact that ... you fire off your nonsense and your lawyer bull [bleep] and your [bleep] e-mails and then you don't answer the phone.

"I'm just really [bleep] mad and you owe me a phone call. ... If I did the same [bleep] to you, you'd be [bleep] furious."

And in a follow-up voicemail, from April 19 of the same year, Sheen goes ballistic, shouting, "I hope you rot in [bleep] hell. You're a piece of [bleep], [bleep] liar. ... I hope I never [bleep] talk to you again you [bleep] [bleep].

Personally, I felt the messages were a bit ambigious, and that Sheen should have aplogized for not making his feelings clear.

But let's not end with ugly fights and nastiness and instead go with a gold image such as:

This picture makes me feel guilty for neglecting my fruit intake. So, get some Vitamin C today, squeeze a few oranges to make sure they're ripe and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. vivavavoom Says:
  2. Is she doing yoga on the table?...looks like she is heading into a downward dog.

    take that anyway you want.

    have a great Vitamin C filled weekend.

  3. 108 in Vegas today - holy hell.

    Maybe Dr. Phil can help Amy Winehouse? He was soooo good with Britney... now she's only running over people instead of being her own personal train wreck.

    Viva totally stole my down dog comment, so I'll just say,

    Happy Solstice 2$! Now go home.


  4. JLee Says:
  5. "downward dog" lol

    Will someone please bitch slap Naomi Campbell?? Hell, I'll do it. I could take her.

    Just remember what the grocer says, "please don't squeeze the melons (or oranges)" ha

  6. Vivavavoom - That's literally the only Yoga position I've heard of and now I know what it entails. Thanks. I'm going to try for the weekend as I feel like hell, but have a good one yourself. Happy Friday.

    Anonymous Boxer - I know. It was 107 everyday, but I had no idea as I never left the hotel. This happens and it's not natural. Ha. Happy Solstice & I will go home as soon as I fill out my expense report. Details.

    Jlee - Hopefully someone will do that to Naomi in jail. And record it. Ha. As for the grocer, we must shop at different stores because my guy is very understanding. Have a great weekend.

  7. nobich Says:
  8. True Romance a favorite of mine.
    Happy Friday Guys!!

  9. Heff Says:
  10. No mention of the Spearmint Rhino, so I guess that was out of the question for this trip. There's always tomorrow....

  11. Nobich - Definitely a great film, and I own it on DVD as well. Happy Friday to you.

    Heff - Unfortunately, the Rhino wasn't unleashed this time - work got in the way. But there's always tomorrow, eh?

  12. Linda Says:
  13. Watching how they behave, I have trouble working up any sympathy for the paparazzi. Maybe if Winehouse stays in the hospital long enough, she'll sober up and eat a meal. Goodness..... Happy Friday, glad you survived Vegas. Rest up!

  14. BostonPobble Says:
  15. The name Maddie has been my go-to name for as long as I've been writing. Now I'm gonna have to get another one because it is bound to become popular among the Spears' fan club. Damn.

    And yes, it really is all about me all the time. >:)

  16. Gypsy Says:
  17. Hilarious quips abound as always...that's why I love Quick Hit Friday so much.

    As far as Naomi Campbell goes I've got your back JLee. She's a bitch of biblical proportions and you may need me to ride side saddle on this one.

    I don't often defend Brit but I hate the papparazzi more and I'm just sorry she didn't do a better job of it. Then again she's not known for her diligence except for making her whole life a dog's breakfast.

    It was a hard choice but my favourite line from this week is:-

    "The baby girl's name was changed from the original choice of "Hope" when the parents realized their wasn't any." Ha ha.

    Very sexy last pic and hope you recover soon B.

  18. Linda - I plan to do some serious resting, and maybe catch a Zohan matinee tomorrow. And I agree about the paparazzi as I have next to no sympathy either, especially TMZ for some reason.

    Bostonpobble - Ha. At least coming to grips with that should free you to focus on these serious celeb matters that can sully your good name. Keep the focus off Spears and on Pobble.

    Gypsy - Glad you made it over as your comment last time made me stagger in this morning and post this damn thing. Ha. My recovery is in progress, I completely agree about the "bitch of biblical proportions" and the papparazzi are definitely worse in that scenario. Happy Friday/Saturday.

  19. Gypsy Says:
  20. Oooh now I feel bad. If it helps it was the first place I visited this morning as I was too tired to wait up last night. Damn time zones drive me crazy.

  21. Anonymous Says:
  22. Man, those Vegas breakfast buffets rock!

  23. Gypsy - I appreciate that first browse in the a.m., and that's why I hedged on wishing you a happy Friday/Saturday. Ha.

    WhatIgot - You better believe it. I had a great one both mornings inside the hotel at the Grand Lux, but then I had to work when all I wanted was a nap.

  24. Claire Says:
  25. Hahahahaha. Way to get your Vitamin C, for sure. How's she gonna peel those and stay in position?


  26. Claire - She's obviously very talented, so I wouldn't underestimate her peeling abilities either. Ha.


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