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The Air Up There . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Finally, Big Ern is above the law," - Bill Murray, "Kingpin"

While it's impossible to move entirely beyond the laws of the land, in some cases, you can elevate yourself through money, power or title to an elevated position which offers you a glimpse of the edge.

I was reminded of this theory when I recently saw a picture of Prince Charles at the English premiere of "The Other Boleyn Girl," a forthcoming film starring Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson.

This blatant breast-staring session comes on the heels of last year's shot concerning the military:

Obviously, the Prince feels no shame in hiding his breast infatuation, and his title seems to allow him this viewing pleasure on a regular basis with no repercussions. It must be a fine feeling to know that you can meet and greet women, and if you so choose, to eye them like pieces of ripe pastrami.

Prince Charles certainly has come to terms with his elevated position, a place in the world where the air is thin and there aren't many people around to reign you in from your vices. I wish I was there too.



  1. Being a proud Canadian, I recognize the royal family as my betters. And if my betters cannot sew their royal oats, what hopes can I, a mere peasant ever accomplish?

    When Prince Charles ogles a pair of fine titties, he's not doing it for himself, he's doing it for all the Commonwealth.

  2. I wish I was there too

    As do I.

  3. vivavavoom Says:
  4. my guess given his upbringing is that it comes from lack of breastfeeding ...he is ctually regressing!
    and yes, those windsors have it good.
    on a personal note...I would also probably be staring at Scarlett Johannson's breasts if I met her....but not while she was looking. he just needs to learn discretion.

  5. WhatIgot - That is one hell of an explanation. I think you should send that to the Royal Family to show just how deep the loyalty lies. Ha. Maybe you will be rewarded with an honarary title or something. That would be nice.

    Native Minnow - It would have to be a fine place to frequent - at least in mind.

    Vivavavoom - Discretion. You're exactly right as I was too lazy this morning to bring that up in the post, but I would start at Scarlett too - with the aforementioned discretion. And I like your regression theory, and besides, the Queen seems a bit cold to me too.

  6. That's my future king you're talking about. Im sure they'd clap you in the Tower if you made such observations from this country.

  7. Heff Says:
  8. You mean you're supposed to HIDE your breast infatuation ?!? Jeez, no wonder I've had troubles all these years...

  9. Miss Ash Says:
  10. Men need to learn the art of discretion as vivavavoom mentioned. Look, but not in an obvious way. How do you think I check out the package of men....I don't get on my knees and stare.

  11. Cake - Ha. I was waiting for you to weigh in on this one. Do they really still put people in the Tower? Regardless, if I were the Prince, I would likely do the same thing because being above the law can be a very good thing - at least in my mind.

    Heff - I think just a slight - maybe ever so slight - cover (perhaps a see-through veil or something) is a must for most "normal" people in society. I wish I wasn't so normal like the Prince.

    Miss Ash - Now that's a funny image of you trying to size up packages, so to speak. Ha. But then again, breasts are so much better to look at than packages, which is stance that I think most men AND women would agree about. Maybe I'm wrong here. Finally, a little discretion and dark sunglasses help quite a bit.

  12. BostonPobble Says:
  13. Without getting too political here (this is supposed to be a funny post, afterall) I would simply add that more men than you may realize still have conversations with women's (or at least *my*) breasts. I have actually gotten to the point where I have been known to say "I have eyes, too" when it gets bad.

    All that being said, for the most part, I laugh it off. It's only when it's in a professional setting (and no, I don't dress to show the ladies off in a professional setting) that it truly bothers me. Because I also get annoyed when women wear clothes that scream LOOK AT MY BOOBS and then get upset when you guys ~ nerve of nerve ~ actually do!

  14. Wendy Says:
  15. I'm not trying to defend Prince Charles's lack of eye contact, but doesn't he look like he might just have a little osteoporosis? I think Richard III was a hunchback, so maybe it's hereditary. You know--royal intermarriage and such.

  16. Franki Says:
  17. I had a boyfriend who fell off a stool once checking out a girl's butt as she passed. So I think the Prince has impeccable manners.

  18. Bostonpobble - Ha. Loved this reponse. For your first part, I am a little surprised as I make a huge effort to keep my eyes on foreheads in cases like this. That being said, I've never had a bad conversation with someone's breasts. Ha. Secondly, that last point is extremely valid in my mind because you can dress to minimize or maximize certain assets, so if it's the latter then don't be surprised when they are noticed.

    Wendy - The Prince doesn't look like the pinnacle of health, but I imagine it would be hard to get an honest assesment regarding any hunchbackedness (sp?) in the family. I'm sure those doctors would be buried somewhere near the rose garden behind the palace.

    Franki - I suppose it is a sliding scale, eh? That is a pretty funny visual, and I'm just wondering how your boyfriend recovered and what his excuse was for the fall? Questions. Questions.

  19. Linda Says:
  20. No offense meant to SJ, but when they're out there folks will look. I think she gets it. Chuck just keeps getting caught! Funny photo, anyone think he's just caught in the middle of a bow?

  21. Gypsy Says:
  22. He doesn't just seem to be looking at her breasts, he appears to be getting ready to test their ripeness. Good God Charlie, get some class would you?

    If anyone ever talks to my breasts I very politely get hold of their chin and yank it up til they're looking me in the eye. If I want them to look at my girls they will be invited to do so. Otherwise, eyes off fellas.

  23. That soldier has a fine, fine chest.

  24. That is hilarious! Not discreet at all.

  25. Linda - Ha. He does look like he's bowing or saluting or something. And yes, I firmly believe that Scarlett knows exactly what she's doing - which is fine by me.

    Gypsy - Test their ripeness indeed. You nailed that one as he probably got confused about what a military inspection entailed. Ha. And I think it would be hilarious to watch a woman physically take a man's head and lift it up to her eyes.

    Malnurtured Snay - Indeed. And if you need proof - firm proof - then check with the Prince.

    Trinabeingtrina - None at all because the Prince knows that he can get away with virtually anything. I wish the same were true for me. Ha.


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