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Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, March 05, 2010

“Let the wild rumpus begin!” - Max Records, “Where the Wild Things Are”

I generally like to announce this same thing whenever I enter a party, my bedroom or a massage parlor. Today, I will probably keep that sentiment to myself, however, as I merely want to survive and then head for the hills.

But before I hit the door by 3 p.m., let’s look at the hard stories of the week such as:

Naomi Campbell allegedly beat on her chauffeur Tuesday as she repeatedly hit him in the head with her fist from the back seat of her Cadillac Escalade as the car drove through NYC.

The driver – Miodrag Mejdina – received a bruise under his left eye, according to police sources. The altercation supposedly occurred when Campbell became furious that Mejdina, who also has chauffeured her boyfriend, refused to tell her whether her boyfriend was cheating on her, sources said.

Campbell's spokesman, Jeff Raymond, said, "There shouldn't be a rush to judgment. Naomi will cooperate voluntarily, and there is more to the story than meets the eye."

It’s really just the same old story: Cambell is just one violent bitch, albeit an attractive one.

The new cast of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ lineup was announced this week, and Jon Gosselin was reportedly angry that Kate Gosselin will be taking part in the show.

“Jon’s angry because doing ‘Dancing With the Stars’ will keep her away from the kids for days, and she still won’t let him have any extra custody,” a source close to Jon Gosselin told Us Weekly. “Nannies will watch them instead of Jon.”

In other Jon Gosselin anger news, it was reported this week that Playgirl magazine would offer him substantially less than it did to Levi Johnston when he did his pictorial shoot.

“We discussed it, and we’d offer him only $20,000,” Playgirl rep Daniel Nardicio told Life & Style magazine.

Jon should really cheer up because that figure still pays him approximately $1,333.33 for each of his 15 minutes of fame, and those minutes have long since expired.

The Smithsonian Institution, America's repository of historical artifacts, rejected the donation of the suit that O.J. Simpson wore when he was acquitted in 1995 of murdering his ex-wife Tuesday, and deemed it inappropriate for their collection.

The announcement came after a California judge approved the donation as the solution to a 13-year court battle over the tan suit, which has been held by Simpson's former sports agent, Mike Gilbert and contested by Fred Goldman.

"The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History will not be collecting O.J. Simpson's suit," it said. "The decision was made by the museum's curators together with the director."

The Smithsonian must be holding out for the White Bronco instead.

Jessica Simpson was on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ this week, and complained about John Mayer talking about her bedroom exploits in his recent Playboy interview. Sort of.

"I don't want people to know how I am in bed!" she told Oprah. She continued: "I'm not angry," Simpson said, then reconsidered and said, “I'm -- well, I'm a little bit angry."

But she did admit that she’s getting more dating prospects from the interview.

"My phone is ringing off the hook, I have to say," said Simpson.

The only problem is that all the callers sound suspiciously like Joe Simpson with slightly altered voices.

Megan Fox told Harper’s Bazaar magazine for their next issue that she’s not nearly as promiscuous as she’s been portrayed in the media.

"I've only been with two men my entire life," said Fox. "My childhood sweetheart and Brian." Fox has been dating (and engaged to) former ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ star Brian Austin Green on and off since 2004.

She continues, "I can never have sex with someone that I don't love, ever. The idea makes me sick. I've never even come close to having a one-night stand."

I’m not sure what’s the most disturbing news: that Fox doesn’t enjoy one-night stands or that her limited number of partners includes David Silver from ‘90210.’

As always, let’s end with a gold image or three:

The winter is ending in my part of the world, but there is still snow on the ground in other places. So, enjoy the weather whether sun or snow, roll around in the mix and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. wigsf Says:
  2. Isn't Megan Fox forgetting about that weekend she spent with Bumblebee while Shia Lebeouf was away at college?

  3. JLee Says:
  4. I just like the word "rumpus". It makes me giggle every time. lol
    Naomi Campbell needs to retire from modeling and go into cage fighting or something more appropriate for her disposition and that middle gold image looks like the trains are racing to see who can pick her up first. ha
    Have a good weekend. It's warming up nicely up here...

  5. Linda Says:
  6. I love a good rumpus myself! Have one planned for Sunday night in honor of Oscar. My copy of WTWTA is on it's way as I type, can't wait to see it again. Standing in for Lalohan this week .... Naomi Campbell. What a nutjob! Enjoy the weekend and Happy Friday!!

  7. WIGSF - I might pay to see 'Transformers 3' if they included that scene. Maybe. Ha. Happy Friday.

    Jlee - Excellent point. Some words are just better than others . . . and you're right about the trains. Ha. Hadn't noticed that before. I'm liking the weather this week and Happy Friday.

    Linda - Exactly. Who doesn't like a good rumpus? Nobody I want to associate with. Ha. Campbell just scares me. Lohan is more a danger to herself, but Naomi will hurt those around her. Happy Friday and enjoy the Oscars.

  8. Heff Says:
  9. Quick Heff Friday !

    "Wild Rumpus" was the first-draft name of Butlik's second album, lol.

    Naomi Campbell needs to join the U.F.C. at this point in my opinion.

    So Kate Gosselin is ditching the kids for this project huh ? A good thing. I'd HATE to have to watch "Dancing With The Stars Plus Eight"

    As far as Jon Gosselin, was it $ 1,333.33 for each minute, or $ 10,000 per inch ? Both could be debated.

    I think the Smithsonian is holding out for the GLOVE. Oh well, there's always EBAY....

    You GOT ME on the Jessica Simpson topic, lol !

    - Completely disappointed in Megan Fox -

    And in closing, it's still a bit "nipply" outside. Make sure and stay warm this weekend, BDS !

  10. Heff - I appreciate the detail as always, so I think you should use that name for a future Butlik album then - it's a good one, agreed on Campbell and I wouldn't want to face her in the ring, I almost went for the inch to money ratio, almost, ha, the glove I also very close on, and I'm glad I finally got one in w/ the Simpson comment since we're on the same wavelength this week, I'm disappoined w/ Fox myself and it's warmer here now, but Happy Friday Heff.

  11. Boxer Says:
  12. JLEE cracked me up with her cage fighting suggestion for Naomi. And I'm glad Heff is back for his own version of your QHF and his blog.

    I've banned most entertainment news this week so it was nice to get caught up here. Have a great weekend and go OSCARS!

  13. How many times has Naomi Campbell been accused of physical abuse? Too many.

    Odd. Playgirl doesn't want to pay big bucks for a huge douchebag with a gut?

    How do all these people have Jessica Simpson's phone number? Your Joe Simpson joke killed me.

    So the next question is, how do I get Megan Fox to love me?

  14. Boxer - Glad to help out, but it felt like a quiet week in Hollywood. Plan to watch the Oscars myself . . . and yeah, it's great to see Heff back in form & Jlee's cage comment might be a good second career for Naomi. Ha. Happy Friday Boxer.

    Native Minnow - Too many indeed. I swear she's going to go to jail one of these days. A Gosselin pictorial would be terrible for many reasons, several of which you mentioned, and the Simpson line came up at the very last minute, so I felt grateful. Finally, if I knew the answer to your Fox question, I wouldn't share it with you or anyone else. Ha. Happy Friday Minnow.

  15. Miss Ash Says:
  16. I've never watched Dancing with the Stars (surprising I know!) but I may give it a go this year....not for Kate...I still don't understand why she's famous....cause she had 8 kids? So what....

    Speaking of which those bizzaro Duggar people had a 19th baby or something like that. Again I don't watch but WTF are these people thinking? I guess I should pop out between 9-20 kids and I'll get a TV show too!

  17. BostonPobble Says:
  18. I am of mixed emotions around making a movie of Where The Wild Things Are. Haven't had a chance to see it yet, though, so can't actually know. If anyone was going to do it well, I have faith in Spike Jonez, though. Have a great weekend.

  19. Hey you posted a pic from Canada. Have a good weekend.

  20. Miss Ash - I don't think it's worth it in the end - they still don't make enough money to support all those kids. :) At least I don't think so. And it would probably mean you'd be married then divorced to some schlub. Oh well, Happy Friday nonetheless.

    BostonPobble - Yeah, it was a tough one to adapt. I saw in at the IMAX, and overrall, I thought Jonze & Company did about as well as you possibly could have with the material. I think. Happy Friday Pobble.

    Getoffmylawn - Must be the snow. Ha. I'm a sucker for snow since I never see any of it . . . Happy Friday.

  21. I'm late to the party. But I wanted to say that I saw Shutter Island. Um... the mentally ill frighten me now. I left questioning my own reality.

    but Ben Kingsley gets two thumbs up.

  22. 簡單 Says:
  23. 志不立,天下無可成之事。........................................

  24. Kymical Reactions - You mean you weren't scared before? Ha. Happy Belated Friday.

    *#(%Q# - Thanks for dropping by . . .


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