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Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, February 12, 2010

“The first thing they shoulda told you at your hooker classes is that you shouldn't ask so many fucking questions.” – Alec Baldwin, “Miami Blues”

‘Blues’ was a weird, off-beat little movie that came out long before Alec Baldwin got fat and funny, and was an interesting project. I plan to be extremely un-interesting this weekend as I am staying away from Valentine’s Day weekend price fix menus and angry chefs and instead will focus my attention inside the confines of my loft.

So, before I leave the office by 3 p.m. to pick up flowers and bring out the other items I’ve already purchased, let’s look at the hard stories of the week such as:

Jamie Lynn Spears and boyfriend Casey Aldridge have split, according to sources close to the couple, and the former Nickelodeon star is supposedly moving on in a new relationship with businessman James Watson.

"She's going through a lot of changes," says a Spears family friend. "It has been painful. She's a young mother and struggling in a lot of areas."

Spears moved out of the Liberty, Miss., house she shared Aldridge and their 19-month-old daughter, Maddie, about six weeks ago and is now living with her mother, Lynne, according to sources. The teenagers had originally planned to marry after Spears, then 16, became pregnant.

Then again, the teenagers originally planned to have sex and not get pregnant, so the best laid plans of the Spears’ clan haven’t exactly worked out all that well from the beginning.

Howard Stern confirmed this week that he is considering leaving Sirius -- and radio altogether -- to become a judge on ‘American Idol’ and replace Simon Cowell when Cowell’s contract expires at the end of this season.

"There's not a better job on the planet than judging that [bleeping] karaoke contest," Stern said.

But Stern did state that he would only join ‘Idol’ if they allowed him to bring his lesbian strippers, stuttering midgets and Robin Quivers along with him.

John Mayer told ‘Playboy’ magazine in an interview for the new issue that he was sexually addicted to Jessica Simpson.

"That girl, for me, is a drug," Mayer, 32, told Playboy. "And drugs aren't good for you if you do lots of them. Yeah, that girl is like crack cocaine to me."
"Sexually it was crazy," he says. "That's all I'll say. It was like napalm, sexual napalm."

Even when Mayer is funny you still want him to just shut the fuck up once in awhile.

As a follow-on story, Mayer reportedly broke down during a concert Wednesday, the same day the Playboy interview was made public.

"I quit the media game. I'm out. I'm done," a choked-up Mayer told the audience at Nashville, Tenn.'s Sommet Center, according to E! News. "I just want to play my guitar."

If Mayer would just play his guitar, and take the above advice, he would probably be just fine.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sued Britain's News of the World tabloid this week over allegations it published about their relationship, their London lawyers said on Monday.

The weekly newspaper had previously reported that the couple planned to separate imminently and had agreed on how they would divide their assets and custody of their children. Keith Schilling of Schillings law firm said the News of the World failed to meet the couple's "reasonable demands" for a retraction of the story and apology.

Their “reasonable demands” included provisions for the newspaper to adopt multiple children from different countries, and for entire editorial staff to receive a ritual flogging from Jolie, neither of which they consented to take part in.

Charlie Sheen was charged with felony menacing Monday in an Aspen court, but the judge also lifted a portion of a protection order that prohibits him from having contact with his wife.

Sheen and his wife, Brooke Mueller Sheen, left the courthouse together following the verdict. It was Sheen's first court appearance since he was jailed Christmas Day in Aspen on domestic violence allegations, and Prosecutor Arnold Mordkin also filed two misdemeanor charges, third-degree assault and criminal mischief, against Sheen, 44.

The felony menacing count stems from allegations that Sheen held his wife at knife point and told her, “You better be in fear. If you tell anybody, I'll kill you. Your mother's money means nothing. I have ex-police I can hire who know how to get the job done and they won't leave any trace.”

That sounds like a parody of some bad Charlie Sheen movie, and it would be even funnier if I didn’t think that Sheen actually believed the words that he threatened Mueller with.

Alex Rodriguez partied with Cameron Diaz in Miami this week during Super Bowl weekend leading to speculation that the two hooked up.

“They were having a great time,” a partygoer told OK! magazine. And this wasn’t a one-night thing, according to the snitch. “A-Rod and Cameron have been totally hooking up.”

I guess Rodriguez showed Diaz a Squeeze Play back in his hotel room after she Stole his heart on the dance floor with her Single-girl out on the town persona, and I just hope they used a Safe word if things turned kinky.

Tom Cruise announced this week that he will produce and star in “Mission: Impossible IV,” Paramount Studios confirmed on Tuesday.

“Tom and J.J. are great talents and we are excited to be working with them to re-launch this legendary franchise,” Paramount Pictures Chairman and CEO Brad Grey said in a statement on Tuesday. The film will be released on Memorial Day weekend 2011.

The impossible mission here will be to actually make a 4th installment that people want to watch.

As always, let’s end with a gold image or three:

My brain feels fuzzy today so I’ll just let these images speak for themselves. So, don’t worry if you’re at a loss for words today, put your best (ass)ets forward and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. wigsf Says:
  2. This hooker school of which you speak of; do they need volunteers for the students to practice on for their lab assignments and tests. I am always willing to lend a "hand." You know what they say, a "mind" is a terrible thing to waste.

  3. JLee Says:
  4. Ok, I don't think I've ever heard of that movie! Looks like a winner ;)

    I think John Mayer is learning that sometimes it's best to just keep your mouth shut.

    Happy Friday/Weekend...

  5. WIGSF - I'm not sure it's an official or accredited (sp?) school, but feel free to investigate and report back if you pursue an advanced degree. Tuition is high . . . Happy Friday.

    Jlee - It's quirky, kind of violent, but interesting. Mayer really just needs to shut up. I don't know who is advising him on his career, but he/she is failing miserably. Happy Friday Jlee.

  6. Heff Says:
  7. Alec Baldwin was once thin ???

    Still "waiting" on my Playboy copy to show up.

    And after seeing that ass picture, I'm SPEECHLESS.

    Happy V.D., 2Dollar.

  8. Miss Ash Says:
  9. You know John is so pretty and has such a lovely voice, if he would just keep his bloody trap shut and use it to sing the world would be a better place!
    Please note my thoughts may not prevent me from rushing on stage when I see him this weekend! 10th row baby!
    Happy Friday!

  10. Heff - True. I know, it's hard to fathom, but he can actually carry that extra weight. I haven't received the Playboy issue yet myself either. Glad you liked the last image . . . Happy Friday & Vday yourself.

    Miss Ash - Wow. That's timing, eh? Ha. Just don't do anything w/ him unless you want him to blab about you to anyone who will listen. :) Have a good time & Happy Friday.

  11. Boxer Says:
  12. best line:

    "long before Alec Baldwin got fat and funny"

    I saw "It's Complicated" and you can see just how fat he's gotten. So.Sad.

    Remember back in the days when singers didn't have access to Twitter/etc and we didn't have to know how stupid they were? Take note, John Mayer.

    I'm glad you still celebrate Valentine's Day. Mr. Boxer and I banned it a few decades ago. I did that only because he was sooooooo bad at it, it seemed mean to force him.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. nobich Says:
  14. Happy Friday & Happy Valentines Day for those of you who are celebrating!!!

  15. Boxer - I heard that Baldwin was fat and furry in that movie. Oh well, he can carry it better than most, I guess. Mayer is certainly the leader of the pack when it comes to too much communication from a variety of sources. As for V Day, I recognize it with flowers (who doesn't like to get flowers, eh?) and a card and sometimes a gift, but never will I go to a restaurant . . . it's the week before or the week after on that front. Happy Friday.

    Nobich - Happy Friday to you, and anyone celebrating the semi-holiday. Ha.

  16. MI 4? Please. I haven't watched the first three yet. I used to think I would if they came on tv,but so far watching grass grow is winning out.

  17. I totally forgot about JLS. Maybe she can be on that MTV show, Teen Mom, pseudo-celebrity edition.

    I heard Howard would go to Idol for $10million a season. Buh! He's not that important.

    Please seek out John Mayer and punch him in the face. Then, punch him in the balls.

    I watched Snatch the other day, so right now it's hard to think of a snarky comment to make about Brad. :/

    Charlie: See John Mayer comment.

    Oh, I'm sure Alex gave Cameron a backdoor slider.

    It's a nearly impossible mission to get anyone to see ANY Tom Cruise movie.

    And day-um. That first picture is hawt. smokin hawt. And I'm pretty sure that second girl was on dancing with the stars??

    Happy Weekend, BDS.

  18. BostonPobble Says:
  19. Charlie Sheen is a scary man. (So are Howard Stern and Tom Cruise but for totally different reasons.)

    And I love the pictures, even if I'm the only one who noticed the two wicked cool pair of shoes. ;)

  20. Linda Says:
  21. Way late to the party, Friday totally got away from me. What? It's Sunday? Shit. Anyway...batting for LaLohan this week, John Mayer. Dude does not know when to shut up. Playboy must be lovin' it! Hope you had a great weekend. Happy Sunday!

  22. Just keep these posts coming. That's all I ask.

  23. Getoffmylawn - Ha. Actually, I have seen all 3 films, and although they wary, each is decent enough to watch one time, so you might try the first installment at some point. The grass will still be there. Happy Friday.

    Kymical Recactions - Thanks for the detail and am still laughing about the Backdoor Slider comment. I knew there had to be a perfect baseball term out there & you found it - Bravo. I just don't care about JLS at all, Stern seems like a bad fit for 'Idol' even though I don't watch the show nor listen to him, Sheen & Mayer should probably get a nut punch, 'Snatch' is an excellent film I own on DVD, and I have no idea if that second image was on DWTS . . . msybe? Happy Friday.

    Bostonpobble - Scary indeed. His comments made me laugh out loud, but they are still terrifying (if you are Brooke Mueller). And I actually noticed the last pics shoes (though not first - ha). Happy Friday Pobble.

    Linda - No problem as some weeks are like that. Mayer has a long history of running his mouth, but his 'Playboy' interview really took the cake. Seriously, he needs to shut up for a long, long time. Happy Friday.

    Native Minnow - That's something I can do. Probably. Ha. Happy Friday.

  24. Gypsy Says:
  25. Isn't John Mayer just addicted to sex...period?

    The lady in the last pic has a fine set of pins doesn't she?

  26. Blogger Says:
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