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Blu Ray Excitement . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I’m excited because I finally got Blu Ray for my loft.

It had been 12 months of eyeing the technology, 9 months of saving and then finally deciding that I had waited long enough when Best Buy started running 3 years financing at 0 percent interest. It also helped that I walked into the store, and told the salesperson that I will pay x amount for the Blu Ray player, and after “checking with his manager” for a few minutes, he came back and said yes to all my pricing proposals.

This is one of the few benefits of a down economy as consumers have loads of bargaining power if you’re willing to wield it like an iron fist.

At first, I was skeptical about the entire Blu Ray endeavor, however, the picture really is a hell of a lot sharper and the sound rings louder. But it’s the picture that gets me charged up. Every bead of sweat or stray hair or vivid landscape is capture perfectly in startling detail. This new frontier will demand perfection from make-up artists moving forward because the technology is impressively unforgiving.

It also means I am in absolutely no rush to buy pornography on Blu Ray because some things – like the bottom line of an eye exam chart or anyone you pick up after 2 a.m. inside a bar - are best left slightly fuzzy and just a little bit out of focus.

Anyway, the issue now is which Blu Ray discs to purchase, especially when you already own a significant number of standard DVDs. But this dilemma also presents an opportunity because when I do find myself with a redundant disc, I am happy to mail it off to anyone who wants it. Just email me an address at and whenever I can make it to my local Pak Mail place, it will be sent.

This is a first come or rather first-emailed basis, and these posts will occur at random, but hopefully the DVDs will end up scattered around the U.S. and abroad, like the $2 Dollar Productions t-shirts of yesteryear (and if anyone is worried about receiving anything other than a DVD, you can verify with those who received shirts that nothing else unexpected will arrive. Ha.)

To kick things off, the first DVD that I now have two of is: Ghostbusters.

A classic comedy that is somehow 25 years old, which is a vaguely depressing thought.

The email gates are open, and I stress that nobody should hold out for any porn becoming available because the thought of super-detailed close-ups sucks most of the fun out from that particular lifestyle choice.



  1. Heff Says:
  2. Congratulations on the purchase. Make sure and enjoy the Blu Ray for the next 3 months before it's replaced by an even more tech product and deemed obsolete, lol !!

  3. JLee Says:
  4. First! haha Actually, I'll take it because my daughter loves that movie. Not that I don't, but...
    That is definitely the way to buy something. Tell em what you'll spend and they say yes or no. Simple. You're right about everything being negotiable these days.

    The eye chart is hysterical...

  5. JLee Says:
  6. Ok, so Heff jinxed me...

  7. Heff - Thanks as it's a lot of fun - for now. Ha. Really, the picture can't get any better than this (I think), but I read that DVDs or Blu Ray discs will be replaced by streaming movies at some point in the future. We'll see.

    Jlee - I don't know if Heff actually wants it, so your daughter might just be in luck. Shoot me an address & I'll get it out - it's a damn funny movie. And yes, everything is negotiable right now, for good or ill.

  8. Heff Says:
  9. Yes, I can live without GhostBusters, lol. Send it to Jlee, for her chillun.

  10. Boxer Says:
  11. The Mister got a Blu Ray late last year... he PROMISED to only buy "good" movies on Blu Ray, but the other night I discovered that's pretty much all he's been buying. However, I did insist on making the first pick we watched;

    Mama Mia. seriously the water is sooooo blue.

    bwahahahahahahah. I guess he's been punishing me every since.

    Congrats. You're clearly a movie fan/buff and it truly does improve the quality of movie watching.

  12. Heff - That's very generous of you. Maybe next time something more interesting will pop up.

    Boxer - I know. I was skeptical, and my Dad even more so, but when he was down this past weekend and I showed it to him, even he admitted that it was pretty impressive. And yes, I think your husband might be punishing you for 'Mama Mia' (my wife took me to the play several years ago). Ha.

  13. wigsf Says:
  14. I've like two dozen titles on BD. The best reproduction of a pre-high def movie is Starship Troopers. It, looks, GORGEOUS!

  15. Miss Ash Says:
  16. Free DVD's make me happy!! I just hope that you have some good ones to offer and that i've heard of them Ha!

    Congrats on the purchse!

  17. WIGSF - I think I got 'Troopers' on DVD for like $3.99 one time . . . need to see if I still have it. But I bet you're right about it looking excellent on Blu Ray.

    Miss Ash - Thanks & I figure law of averages says there's bound to be some you've heard of & might want to watch. Ha. Probably.

  18. My roommate recently purchased a Hi-Def TV. There are some things that I don't like to see in that fine of detail. Like close-up shots of several professional athletes and coaches. I hadn't really thought about what it meant for the porn industry.

  19. Farzan Says:
  20. Congratz on your Blu Ray switch. I just got into 6 months ago and enjoy it. I don't rush out and pay $35 for a new Blu Ray release like some of the other folks do. I tend to wait and check Fry's on weekends for deals. I only have 17 Blu Rays so far. Whats weird is that I have more Blu Rays than DVDS. For some reason I didn't watch too many DVDs as much as I watch Blu Ray now. Soon Blu Ray is going to be obsolete and digital downloads will take over.

  21. Native Minnow - I know what you mean on the sport angle too. That's mainly what I watch - sports & movies. In general, sports on Hi-Def are phenomenal. Porn - not so much.

    Farzan - Thanks, and I'm with you on the new releases. I generally check Best Buy for deals on older ones & Amazon has the best prices I've found overrall. ANd yes, I think the digital downloads will eventually muscle things out, but for some movies, I still will want a physical disc to own.


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