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Quick Hit Friday . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, January 25, 2008

"I'm sorry - I'm not sorry. Okay? I'm not gonna apologize, I'm a cocksman!" Vince Vaughn, "The Wedding Crashers"

It's been raining, cold and overcast in Austin this week. Ugly weather where you feel like doing very little except stay indoors to drink red wine or simply hibernate like a bear. Unfortunately, I had a lot of work to keep me busy and I imagine Hollywood did as well because it was a fairly slow week.

That being said, let's take a quick look at the tough stories such as:

Kiefer Sutherland has been released from jail after serving 48 days on a drunken driving charge, according to a police official.

"People" magazine quoted police Officer John Balian as saying, "(Kiefer) looked like he was glad to be out," and that Sutherland spent his sentence cleaning sheets, pillowcases and blankets on laundry duty.

The officer also said that Sutherland entertained his fellow prisoners by doing Emilio Estevez impersonations from "Young Guns."

Dallas Cowboys star Tony Romo has reportedly dumped Jessica Simpson, who was widely blamed for costing him a shot at the Super Bowl.

"Tony is now starting to blame her himself," a pal told OK! magazine. "Before dating Jessica, he was Texas' golden boy. Now he's become a joke."

Romo went ahead with the break-up despite Simpson's argument that "becoming a joke does get easier with time."

Actor Heath Ledger, 28, died this week after he was found dead on Tuesday afternoon in bed in his SoHo apartment. A bottle of prescription sleeping pills was nearby, although the New York City medical examiner's office said that the cause of death could take two weeks to determine.

There's nothing funny about this story as it's just strange and sad.

Dr. Phil McGraw said this week that he does not apologize for trying to help Britney Spears.

On his syndicated talk show, McGraw said he had planned to do a show on Spears' troubles before she was hospitalized January 3rd. Furthermore, he says Spears' mother, Lynne, had planned on participating.

McGraw also refused to apologize for populating the airwaves with generally worthless psychobabble.

Oliver Stone announced his intention to direct a film current US President George Bush, and has tapped Josh Brolin, currently receiving rave reviews in the Coen brothers' No Country For Old Men, as the lead.

Stone intends the film to be extremely dramatic, however, it sounds like a comedy to me.

British singer Amy Winehouse entered a rehabilitation clinic Thursday as part of her ongoing battle against drug addiction, her record label said.

Her decision followed the leak earlier this week of a home video that showed her smoking something in a glass pipe minutes after she is heard saying she had just taken six tablets of the anti-anxiety drug Valium to "bring myself down".

I suppose they tried to make her go to Rehab, she said "no, no, no" and then they strapped her to a chair and dropped her off, which is where she needs to stay for a long, long time.

Britney Spears failed on Wednesday in her latest bid to regain the right to see her two young sons after again ducking a court hearing on the issue, Los Angeles court officials said.

Spears, 26, who has either not turned up at numerous hearings or has turned back because of a media crush, was filmed by news media arriving at the Los Angeles court building on time. But she did not make it to the courtroom where her lawyers and her ex-husband, dancer Kevin Federline, went ahead with proceedings without her.

Spears later claimed that she confused the bathroom for the courtroom and gave her testimony to a woman in the adjoining stall.

Since the weather and general state of affairs seems dire, let's end with a pleasing image:

I overcame my fear of heights to snap this picture, and I am still proud of myself. So, tackle your fears today, take things to the next level and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. Heff Says:
  2. That last picture is an advocate for some really hard wood.

  3. Gypsy Says:
  4. It's ironic that Heath Ledger dies of an accidental overdose (if that is what it eventually gets called) while the likes of Amy Whinehouse and Britney just keep messing themselves up with deliberate intent and keep managing to stay alive. While I don't know Heath's personal habits it seemed to me that he was a fairly clean living sort of guy and a gifted and talented actor. Very, very sad.

    I was starting to feel sorry for Britney but seriously, she has become such a worthless joke and caricature of herself that it's getting harder to feel any sympathy.

  5. Heff - I like that pun. A lot.

    Gypsy - I completely agree on both accounts as you summed it up very well. The only way Spears rallies in my mind if she does turn out to be mentally ill, which seems to be a strong possibility.

  6. nobich Says:
  7. Yes I agree with Gypsy on this- I mean who makes these calls??? and is He awake?
    Oh well Happy Friday!!

  8. If Dr. Phil McGraw can't help Britney, maybe Tim McGraw can. She should go skydiving, rocky mountain climbing, two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu.

  9. j Says:
  10. I didn't know Dr. Phil had a last name. Learn something new... As for Brit, she's clearly mentally ill, but it would be more socially acceptable if she were just on a lot of drugs like Wino.

  11. Nobich - I know. Tons of unanswered questions. Regardless, Happy Friday.

    WhatIgot - I would rather do any of those activities - even jumping ona 1,000 lbs of pissed off bull - than talk for 5 minutes w/ Dr. Phil.

    Kismetic - That's true about Spears, although it helps to have some actual talent as well. I think if she could sing or still dance then she might be cut a bit more slack. Not much, but a little.

  12. Wendy Says:
  13. Oooh, so much to address this week. Think I'll stick with Dr. Phil. I know someone who works where his show is filmed and says he is a total prima donna--which isn't surprising. Kathy Griffin has a bit in which she disses Dr. Phil for talking about what a "jock" he is. I hate pompous jerks--especially when they're making a gazillion dollars BECAUSE they're pompous jerks.

  14. cats Says:
  15. i agree with gypsy.. not that i want whinehouse or spears to die of drugs, but it's so sad that such a talented person is now gone.

  16. ever see dr. phil's wife? cant stand her. She's made a career simply out of being that buffoon's smarmy partner.

    How soon before phil and wife try and capitalize on Ledger's death by hosting a related show.

  17. Hey Dog, did you see the size of that chicken?

    Again, I'm not sure if it was Kiefer's Young Guns character that said that or not, but someone did when they were high on peyote. Maybe it was Amy Winehouse.

    Love the final pic. Keep those type of pictures coming!

  18. Wendy - I completely agree on the pompous jerks idea, and I can easily believe the Dr. Phil is a prima donna. He's just a worthless gasbag (sp?) to me.

    Cats - I agree. It's really just a bad situation all the way around.

    Idig - I have not seen the good Doctor's wife. Is she good-looking? Regardless, she must be a mercenary living a high lifestyle to put up with Phil. That's a high price to pay.

    Native Minnow - Love the peyote scene, and I had forgotten that line. I think (think) that Dermet Mulroney might have said that, but can't honestly remember. It's been too long since Young Guns for me.

  19. BostonPobble Says:
  20. As much as I love your Friday posts, it's the last paragraph that ALWAYS makes me laugh out loud. Nice way to go into the weekend.

    And well played on the Heath Ledger bit.

  21. Linda Says:
  22. Aerial photos are rough duty, good job! Nice Wedding Crashers post. I love the opening wedding scene, where they're betting on the parts of the ceremony. We all think it, they just put it on a movie screen, hilarious! And for the record, I'm guessing most folks look "glad to be out" as they walk away from the Big House ... glad People is on it. Happy Friday!!!

  23. vivavavoom Says:
  24. the heath ledger death is absolutely tragic. what a loss. glad you conquered your fear of heights....the view was great I see.

  25. Miss Ash Says:
  26. I completely forgot about Sutherlands time in the big house!

    I was rather surprised to hear about Heath's death and *hangs head in shame* I kinda dig that Winehouse song :|

  27. Grace Says:
  28. I'm sorry, after the red wine comment, I couldn't really concentrate on anything else... but I did run down and get myself some. Thanks for the suggestion! Cheers :)

  29. Amy winehouse needs rehab BADLY

  30. Bostonpobble - Thank you. I'm glad you like the endings because as I'm sure you can appreciate, it's always a good thing to end a movie/book/post/etc. strongly. Ha.

    Linda - I know. That "People" quote was riveting, eh? And that was some of the better parts of Wedding Crashers, although I love the whole time at the summer house and when they are finally asked to leave with Vaughn/Wilson in their tuxes with the painting under Vaughn's arm. Ha.

    Vivavavoom - Defnitely on Ledger's as that's a giant, unfortunate waste of talent (among other things). And thanks on aerial view as I certainly felt it was worth the effort.

    Miss Ash - That Winehouse song is really damn catchy, so I think you have nothing to be ashamed about. That being said, she really does need to go to rehab for a long time.

    Grace - You're welcome as I did the same thing which was later followed by some hibernation sleep. Why not? It's good for us all. Cheers.

    Trina - Definitely. She needs to stay there for an extended stay this time.

  31. Doctor Phil Says:
  32. If a Possum's inner-child has a fear-of-heights, he just needs to get back up that Mule of accountability and suck it up like the He-Coon inside all of us.

    P.S. That gal in the last picture is very pretty. Is she troubled? Does she want to become troubled?

  33. The Troll Says:
  34. Possible Secretariat in "Top-of-The-Mountain-Series themes.

    1) The Year 1973 having the strongest fields in horse-racing history both here and in Europe. He didn't beat a bunch of stiffs. He beat some GREAT horses. Sham, MyGallant, Shecky Green etc...

    2) Meadow Farms being a small family operation run by a Woman competing with HUGE racing Syndicates with almost unlimited resources.

    3) The fact that Big Red finished a disappointing third at the tune-up Wood Memorial before rallying to SMASH records at the Derby, Preakness and Belmont.

  35. Why would anyone break up with Jessica Simpson? Maybe I'm missing something???

    Too bad about Heath. I would be cursing myself from hell for not getting my message first.

    Hope the weather clears up for ya BDS. It sucks being productive during shitty days.

  36. Doctor Phil/Troll - I think you've now covered Secretariat to where I can't add much at all. My knowledge was fairly sparse on the subject. As for the aerial girl, it was hard to tell if she was troubled, however, who couldn't use some counseling now and again from a doctor? Nobody is the answer - at least if they look like that.

    Upset Waitress - The weekend weather has been perfect - sunny and about 70 degrees. Thanks for sending the good karma along. As for Simpson, I think she's very atractive, however, her Dad might be reason enough to at least consider breaking up with her. That guy gives me the creeps.


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