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Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Friday, January 08, 2010

“I can eat fifty eggs.” – Paul Newman, ‘Cool Hand Luke’

I got this film on Blu Ray for Christmas, and it really does hold up well, even if the thought of eating 50 eggs during one sitting makes me want to throw up. And I like eggs. Anyway, before I hit the door by 3 p.m. today for greener pastures, let’s look at the hard stories of the week such as:

In Tiger Woods news, an unidentified individual is reportedly shopping a sex tape to porn industry giant Vivid Entertainment that allegedly shows the golfer engaged in the buff.

According to, Vivid co-founder Steven Hirsch, said that a woman approached him with a sex video of Woods that she claims was shot two years ago. Hirsch said he has seen a 30-second clip of the video, but won't confirm Tiger's identity.

Woods' lawyers have already sent a letter threatening to go after anyone who publishes nude photos and videos of the 34-year-old golf star. Vivid previously offered $1 million to "any woman who has proof she was a paramour of Tiger Woods and will sign a contract with the studio."

I could care less about this viewing this alleged sex tape, unless of course, it involves an actual tiger in the equation and only then for a bit of shock value.

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves welcomed their second child - a girl named Vida Alves McConaughey - this week.

Vida joins the couple’s son, Levi, who is 17 months old.

I have a strong suspicion that McConaughey bestowed these names their future Christmas cards can read: “We’re Levi'n La Vida Loco at the Mateo Pad – Happy Holidays and stay tubular everybody.”

Russell Brand and Katy Perry confirmed their engagement this week.

No wedding date was announced in the statement, issued Wednesday, and no other details were available. Brand met Perry, 25, when he hosted last year's MTV Video Music Awards and she performed.

Something about this union just reeks of bad personal hygiene, and I can’t figure out why . . .

"Diff'rent Strokes" actor Gary Coleman was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital for tests after complaining that he didn't feel well.

Coleman's agent, Robert Malcolm, says the 41-year-old actor was doing promotional work at a hotel Wednesday morning and went to his room to rest. He was later released after examination and is said to be doing fine.

The doctor who examined Coleman refused to release him until he said “What you talkin’ bout Doc,” without slurring his words.

Excerpts from a new book on Warren Beatty leaked this week, and the author claims that the Hollywood actor has slept with nearly 13,000 over the course of his life.

The book is 'Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America," and biographer Peter Biskind came to his numbers based on "simple arithmetic." Biskind estimates "12,775 women, give or take, a figure that does not include daytime quickies, drive-bys, casual gropings, stolen kisses and so on."

No wonder Beatty hasn’t done a movie in nearly a decade – the poor man is dog-tired from all that sex.

Hanes brand clothing and underwear dropped its advertising campaign featuring Charlie Sheen this week because of domestic violence charges filed against the actor.

Company spokesman Matt Hall said Wednesday that it was a "pretty standard, straightforward call" by the brand marketing team given the allegations.

Hall did acknowledge, however, that the company had ignored allegations made by the public for the past several years that the commercials were rubbish anyway.

Kate Gosselin celebrated her divorce to Jon Gosselin and the New Year and had celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson give her tons of extensions before showing off the ‘do this week on the cover of People Magazine.

Gibson said the session was easy except that Kate was reluctant to let go of the thick, jaw-length shock of hair in the front of her face in favor of bangs.

“She wasn’t sure about bangs,” says Gibson, “But I find many women have that one thing they’re afraid to let go of, that one ‘security blanket’ part of their look, whether it’s a fear of going shorter or darker or something. But once they finally let go and embrace the change, they always love it.”

Is it me or does this whole bangs reluctance explanation seem like a cagey metaphor for her decision to divorce Jon Gosselin?

Vince Vaughn married real estate agen Kyla Weber in a small ceremony before family and friends, reported this week.

Vaughn, 39, had been seeing the 31-year-old Canadian for more than two years.

Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell allegedly Wedding Crashed their nuptials.

As always, let’s end with a gold image or three:

The theme of lounging and nudity seems like a good one to me today since the weather is cold and these are the two activities that seem most appealing. So, take it easy today, don’t feel bad about any slothful behavior and . . . Happy Friday!



  1. wigsf Says:
  2. owen and will crashing the wedding

    some days you have it dude and some days you don't. that joke was a bit too obvious and much like wedding crashers, just not funny

    Happy Friday!

  3. Happy Friday, BDS. Sorry about last night. :(

  4. Heff Says:
  5. "I CAN'T eat 50 eggs", but I CAN vomit when the Crimson Turd wins a National Championship. Bleh....

  6. BostonPobble Says:
  7. At the risk of confirming my complete out-of-touch-with-the-world-ness, who's Russell Brand and why should we care that he's engaged to Katy Perry (who I have at least heard of but don't believe she is nearly as big as all the press would want me to believe)? You gotta help a girl out, $$.

  8. JLee Says:
  9. Funny...I just ate some eggs (but not 50) ha
    I kind of like the Katy Perry/Brand union. They seem well suited in their dirty way. lol He was all gushy when she performed at the MTV awards, so I wasn't surprised they got together.

    I WISH I could take it easy today, but that damn work gets in the way, doesn't it?

    Happy Friday!

  10. JLee Says:
  11. ps
    My previous word verification was "cognog" hahah

  12. Linda Says:
  13. Hitting for LaLohan this week .... People Magazine for thinking we care so much about Kate Goselin's hair that it's a cover story. Good God the tabs have gone crazy (maybe they always were). Have a great weekend and Happy Friday!!

  14. nobich Says:
  15. another week gone by-Happy Friday!!

  16. Miss Ash Says:
  17. I don't understand how some woman's hair makes the front page of a magazine....seriously???

    What about those poor animal activists getting pummeled by the big bad whalers...sigh!

    As for Perry and Brand doesn't an engagement seem a bit premature? I've turned into a big complainer in 2010..quick someone get me a Keith's!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  18. I've got nothing. I'm just not feeling very funny this week. So, I'll just refer to the comments on your previous post and say that IMAX 3D is definitely the way to see Avatar. I wasn't crazy about seeing the movie going into it either, but I LOVED it.

  19. Boxer Says:
  20. Native is right about Avatar. I felt the same way; didn't want to go, but after it was over I said to my friends "who wants to see it again?"

    If Kate G. really wants to start over, could she please stop showing up everywhere? I'm so very tired of her. Although the hair extensions are wayyyyyyy better.

    Great QHF as usual and have a great weekend.

  21. Haiku Master Says:
  22. If ugly brother
    bedded 12 K maidens how
    many did Ned do?

    Smoking is bad and
    sloth is worse but Master likes
    that smoking hot chick.

    Texas Colt runs once.
    Then realizes he can't beat
    SEC horses.

    The Long Horn played Taps
    for the fallen bovines as
    the Crimson Tide rolled.

  23. Gypsy Says:
  24. I think Paul Newman looks really HOT in that first pic.

    I thought that whole Tiger Woods thing had finally lost it's punch but obviously not.

    Katy Perry and Russell Brand are perfectly suited in one way as they are both pretty wacky but does she really want to marry a serial womaniser? Leopards and all that.....

    I don't really know a lot about this Jon and Kate thing but she is quite pretty. I don't think her hair warrants front page news but I did see her before and this looks way better.

    Great 3 images B. There's something about black and white nude pics that makes them look so much classier.

    Have a fab weekend my friend and believe me I intend to be the biggest sloth EVER. It's too hot to even breathe at the moment.

  25. Bad hygiene is a good call. There is an ineffable dirty quality to that union. Time will probably tell.

  26. WIGSF – Yeah, but I find wedding stories as nearly always the most difficult to joke about. Divorces are easier. And ‘Crashers’ was pretty funny until they leave the summer house, then it just falls apart and is way too long. Happy Friday.

    Kymical Reactions – Happy Friday to you too & thanks as that was painful.

    Heff – Me too. And I swear that if Colt stays health, the Tide go down. They almost lost anyway vs. a freshman quarterback who had zero snaps the entire season . . . Happy Friday Heff.

    BostonPobble – I will help a little. Ha. You’re right about Perry, and Brand is some English comedian known for his boozing and sexually promiscuous ways for one thing and he’s an actor (he was pretty funny in ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’). He hosted the MTV Music Video awards last year (or maybe the year before). I don’t care that much about either of them, but it was a slow week.  Happy Friday Pobble.

    Jlee – Great word verification. And smart move not eating that many eggs. Very smart. I do think they seem to match up well enough, but I still think there’s just something really dirty about them. Ha. Whatever works, eh? Good luck with work slowing down & Happy Friday.

    Linda – I know. How is that a cover story? Slow week I guess. Oh well, Lohan will be back soon enough. Ha. Happy Friday to you.

    Nobich – Happy Friday and I’m ready for another holiday. 

    Miss Ash – Don’t start 2010 that way, although I’ve been there myself this past week. The hair story does seem a wee bit ridiculous, and yeah, I’m sure the engagement is premature, but I’m also pretty sure that even if they do get married (a big if) that they will last less than 2 years. Bet on it. And I saw the whaling boat story, but it wouldn’t be included in QHF . . . Ha. Happy Friday Miss Ash.

    Native Minnow – That’s good to know. I felt the exact same way and the only way I want to see it is in IMAX 3 D. My plan is to try to get there this coming weekend. Happy Friday.

    Boxer – See Minnow comment about ‘Avatar’ but I appreciate the recommendation because I wasn’t that excited at all by the previews. Saw ‘Crazy Heart’ this past weekend – review coming this week – and it was very good. You’re right on both accounts about Kate. Happy Friday.

    Haiku Master – That whole game had an asterisk (sp?) as most commentators said the next day because when you lose your Heisman candidate quarterback on the 5th play, and still almost win the game with a freshman who hasn’t had any snaps all season long, then the entire game loses some luster. And Texas still gave them a better game than Florida. Way better. Happy Friday.

    Gypsy – Newman is excellent in the movie, the Tiger Woods thing is played out for me but won’t go away, they do seem a fairly decent pair but I don’t think a marriage will last, don’t worry about learning about Jon/Kate as you’re better off not knowing  and thanks on the images as I agree about the B/W thing. Happy Friday Gypsy.

    Getoffmylawn – Thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one . . . Ha. Happy Friday.

  27. TROLL Y2K Says:
  28. 2 Bucks,

    Here's a fun project for you. Take "The Mighty Colt's" statistics in the Nebraska game (16 incompletions 3 interceptions) and extrapolate them againt Alabama's MUCH better defense.

    The better team won. The SEC rules.
    Admit it!

  29. Troll Y2K - This will be my final decree on this since one of my resolutions is to let things go this year. Ha. Anyhow, let's ignore the ridiculous assertion that you can extrapolate one game to the next, especially when it doesn't hold up. Alabama has a good line when stopping the run & pressuring QBs, but they don't sack hardly anyone at all (as noted by many analysts), and they didn't get a lot of pressure on again, a freshman quarterback making his first start, so . . . Going into the game I thought Alabama was better, however, afterwards, I was far less impressed. Their quarterback was awful. Just awful. It was 24 to 21 w/ 3 minutes to go. As for the SEC being the best, they didn't exactly show it during the Bowl games again:

    The Associated Press
    Conference W L Pct.
    Mountain West 4 0 1.000
    Independents 1 0 1.000
    Sun Belt 1 0 1.000
    Big East 4 2 .667
    Big 12 4 3 .571
    Southeastern 5 4 .556
    Atlantic Coast 3 3 .500
    Big Ten 3 3 .500
    Conference USA 2 4 .333
    Western Athletic 1 2 .333
    Pac-10 2 5 .286
    Mid-American 0 4 .000

    Oh well, it's over & I'm really done for a few years since nobody (well, hardly anyone) wins big games with a freshman quarterback, so I don't really feel like getting worked up for another couple of years when UT has a real shot once again. But if this Alabama game was played again & McCoy was healthy, I would bet you money that UT wins - and I wouldn't have done so going into it. Done.

  30. Boxer Says:
  31. I'm going back on friday to see AVATAR again. 3D is the ONLY way to go.

    You are Troll are cracking me up.


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