Centaurs & Motivation . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An old co-worker sent me an email this week with a motivational picture attached.

I had completely forgotten that I wrote the above statement. It happened about two years ago when our boss decided to start posting “inspirational/motivational” messages on the cork board outside his office. I have no idea why this practice began, but I’ve always found the decision to rally people’s work ethic through pithy ramblings to be a losing proposition since I generally feel that anyone who would actually be inspired by such words would also be a person who I never would have hired in the first place .

But that’s just me.

Anyway, one day we all started to find posted messages about teamwork, never giving up, leaving it all on the field, insert your cliché here posted on the board. About two weeks into the project, I began to post my own messages like the centaur line to combat the propoganda. This was relatively easy since I generally arrive at the office before most people get there, and so I remained anonymous throughout several weeks of postings, even speaking to my boss about my suspicions that other departments might be coming over to sabotage his work.

In the end, he took the board down, and that was worth the effort. But obviously my logic struck upon some glaring universal truths because it caused a co-worker to take and store a picture from a message posted in 2008.



  1. BostonPobble Says:
  2. You know you're brilliant, right? Perhaps a little twisted yet brilliant nonetheless.

  3. wigsf Says:
  4. What about a one-eyed lesbian centaur? They fallable?

  5. JLee Says:
  6. HAHAHA...I love it! I would love to see the accompanying visual as well. That just about tops our Naked Olympics cartoons we drew on our desktops at work. lol

  7. Bostonpobble - Brilliant might be a stretch, however, I'll take it. For today at least. Ha. Twisted brilliance is what we should all aspire to, eh?

    WIGSF - Wow. I stand corrected & you trumped me there sir. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    Jlee - Centaurs are actually overrated, clothed or not. Ha. But naked Olympics might overtake that depending on the particular category in question. I can't draw worth a damn or I might enter my own creation . . .

  8. Boxer Says:
  9. bwahahaahahahhaah.

    My old boss once posted a stupid board in our sales office to record sales and it was annoying, so every morning I would take white out and change the progress of the sales from the day before. He took it down too. And he wasn't happy. It's at the point I knew I needed to work for myself.

  10. Heff Says:
  11. Nice work. Well worth it if it stopped the madness.

  12. Boxer - Nice work w/ the White Out Boxer. I've seen the same thing happen sans White Out . . . it is ridiculous. I'm working on the working for myself part. Slowly. Ha.

    Heff - Thanks as it did stop, and I wish I had pics of the other slogans I put up there until it did. And luckily, it has never re-started.

  13. Miss Ash Says:
  14. That's fucking hilarious!

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. Better late than never. .........................................

  17. Gypsy Says:
  18. Who knew you had a little rebellious streak B. As we Aussies like to say...good on ya mate.

  19. Miss Ash - Thanks as it gave me a laugh, which counts for something. Ha.

    Symbol - Sorry, I can't emulate the symbols. :) But yes, at least it finally came down & nobody was hurt. Ha.

    Gypsy - It's a hidden streak, but certainly there. I also prefer not to get caught. Ha. And I always like Aussie expressions, so keep 'em coming . . .

  20. TROLL Y2K Says:
  21. I told a Fundie boss the monthly
    motivational posters contained quotes from Buddha, so he cancelled them. Someone else convinced him that a certain Font was code for "gay-friendly".

  22. TROLL Y2K Says:
  23. Font might be the wrong word. Letter design? Script? Anyhay, it was a metal sign saying the establishment's name and he took it down.

  24. dude. I wish I were that clever. :)

  25. Troll Y2K - It might be font. I'm not really sure either, but pretty sure I know what you were getting at. And if he took it down, then you definitely won the battle, so congrats on that one. Signs like that are wholly ridiculous.

    Kymical Reactions - Clever is relative. Ha. It was likely a stroke of divine luck . . .


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