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The Mcconaughey Paradox . . .

Posted by 2 Dollar Productions Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Before starting work this morning, I was surfing around the Internet and stumbled upon these pictures of Matthew Mcconaughey carousing in Australia.

Mcconaughey is Down Under shooting another romantic comedy with Kate Hudson, and per usual, has cut a wide party path wherever he roams.

I've generally liked Mcconaughey ever since his break-out role as Wooderson in "Dazed and Confused." He also went to my same college and is a tremendous fan of UT football, which doesn't hurt either.

That being said, I don't care for a lot of his movies, but I've always thought he wuold be a fun guy to grab a beer with because he usually throws himself into the scene like the above pictures indicate.

But there's also some things that bother me about Mcconaughey.

He has a predliction for wearing extremely stupid head-gear like this blue one which first reared its ugly head earlier this year.

The shirt is also the same, but let's ignore that for the moment.

The other interesting part about Mcconaughey is that despite sweating like a whore in church when he's working out or dancing, he swears that he doesn't wear deodorant. I've had numerous women tell me that they don't care about this hygiene issue with him, however, I think that's more a theory than a reality.

Look at all the sweat in the picture, and then throw in a few workouts on top of that as well, forget any attempt at deodorant and I would bet that you might be able to last one single night until a smell like rotting cheese and gym socks got so bad that it would be a deal breaker.

At least that's my theory.



  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I bet you're right that its only a theory. What I think us women are thinking is if our options are no MM or MM without deodorant- we'd take the latter. And then as women do- optimistically believe that we can change him (hell, Ill convince him to wear a little arctic spring).
    as for the hat- Im guessing he takes it off even before he takes off his shirt.

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. MM can do whatever he likes!! I'm going to whoop it up this weekend, much like he is in those photos. I'm not sure i'm up for the whole head gear ensemble though, may have to pass on that one. It's even too ugly for him.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. yeah, i'm not really a fan, though i do admire him for maintaining his "real"ness in hollywood. or whatever.

  7. Anonymous - That's the exact line of reasoning I would expect from most women, and while I understand it, I still think he's got to smell. He seems like a cool guy, however, no deodorant . . .

    Miss Ash - Ha. Do it up right like MM. As long as the ice lets up, have a great time, but leave the silly hats at home (this doesn't apply to the fruit one).

    Julia - I've always liked that as well as I think doing your own thing is admirable. Especially in Hollywood.

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. I just saw a commercial where he says "I wouldn't do it" in regard to littering, but I was thinking it was regarding wearing deoderant.

  10. Melissa Says:
  11. He's losing his hotness. Back in his "A Time to Kill" days I'd have jumped him sans deoderant, covered in mud and drunk. Now? Eh, not so much. I've had the chance to do business with his brother (he owns a pipe yard), he was funny as hell.

  12. MM is my future husband. He doesn't know it yet. But he will


    He has been partying it up Down Under, the media here are having a field day with his drunken behaviour. I like Matt more now he has become more "scruffy", it's what I like, but deoderant is definetly a nessesity. I will teach him the importance of this after the wedding.

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. I am a fan, but can't abide that whole no deoderant thing mainly because I have rarely seen a picture of him where he isn't sweating. If you don't use deoderant, do you take showers more than once a day? I would hope so, but he may also have something against that. We had a friend who claimed he was a naturalist and didn't use deorderant. He took several showers a day and still managed to smell like a wet dog most of the time.

  15. slopmaster Says:
  16. I would still sleep with him.

    And I thought Julia's comments are interesting since the same thing can be said about Lindsay Lohan about keepin' it real, except they call her a slut.

  17. Jlee - I've seen that same commercial, and I never thought about the other application, however, it works too.

    Melissa - That's interesting as I guess I didn't realize that he had a brother.

    Friday - I was hoping you would chime in on this one since he's in your backyard. Ha. And yes, you can break him down post-nuptials like most women do.

    Sarcastic - "He took several showers a day and still managed to smell like a wet dog most of the time." Ha. Exactly. And most naturalists I've met just naturally smell bad.

    Slopmaster - The old problem of a guy sleeping around is a stud, but a girl is a slut, eh? Well, I don't really agree with one, however, in Lindsey's case the shoe might just fit.

  18. Kayla Says:
  19. So why is he wearing a wedding band?
    A big hunk of stinky rotting man cheese sounds pretty nasty, even if you are Mcconaughey!
    Ever wonder if he will become the annoying old geezer nobody wants to be around when he's 80?

  20. Jackie Says:
  21. Yeah and he probably smells like patchouli too.

  22. Who the hell told him it was acceptable to go around not wearing deodorant? Who the hell told him it was acceptable to be wearing that stoopid looking hat? :-)

  23. Kayla - I have no answers for the wedding band, but the picture of him as an annoying 80 yr old man is flat-out hilarious. Made my morning.

    Jackie - Yep. Patchouli & Snuff - a great mix.

    Trina - Not me, but that's just MM being MM apparently. I think he could still be an individual AND wear deodorant, but . . .

  24. Anonymous Says:
  25. I would let him go down on me!!


    Isn't that what a guy would say?

  26. A guy might say that if you substitute "him" with "her," but even in that stupid hat . . .


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